Special Rule adopted by GSUSA- HAITI

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Special Rule adopted by GSUSA- HAITI
Tue, 02-02-2010 - 12:05am

This was part of an e-mail for our council's @aGirl online newsletter. I thought everyone here would be interested to know this (especially since we were just talking about money donations.) I still have to find my exact sources for other donations.

Supporting Relief Efforts for Haiti
Supporting Relief Efforts for Haiti

Much of Haiti is in ruins and a second major earthquake has also struck the country, resulting in a loss of life and suffering that has been heartbreaking. Girls may choose to designate all or a portion of their proceeds from a booth sale or percentage of their overall cookie sale to send to one of the many agencies who are providing assistance to the people of Haiti.

* Girls decide what charitable organization to support (see below).
* Set a goal -- $50, $100 or more – for the amount you hope to raise or a percentage of your proceeds that you plan to designate toward Haitian relief efforts.
* Be sure to pick up extra cookies for your booth sales. Cupboards are located throughout the council. A complete list was sent out through e-budde.
* Submit your 2010 Cookie Sale Booth Permit Form to your Service Area Cookie Manager with date, time and complete location with the zip code (please print clearly) so that we can post all the booth sales on Little Brownie Bakers online Booth Sale Locator. Customers looking for cookies will be directed to the Cookie Locator from GSWPA’s website.
* Keep customers informed of your charity, goal and your progress throughout the booth sale.

As a result of a special rule of order adopted by the Executive Committee of Girl Scouts of the USA’s National Board of Directors, on the National Board’s behalf, girl members may engage in activities, which may include the direct solicitation of money, from January 14 through September 8, 2010, to support emergency relief for the January 12 earthquake disaster in Haiti. If you are soliciting direct contributions of cash, please complete the GSWPA Additional Money Earning form. The "black out" dates will be waived for any money-earning to Haiti from 1/14 - 9/8/10. Cookie booth sites also provide girls with the a public opportunity to seek this type of support.

Contributions (either a designated portion of troop treasury or solicitations) can be made to the approved list of agencies. Additions to this list may be approved by the National President and CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA; and will be updated on the council Web site.

If you or your troop plans to join in the humanitarian efforts by soliciting donations at cookie booth sites or by designating a portion of the proceeds of your sale, please let us know. Send us your story at editor@gswpa.org.