Thanks...for the replies...this is crazy!

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Thanks...for the replies...this is crazy!
Sun, 10-28-2012 - 12:40pm

It has been quite a while since I've been to ivillage and this new update seems very confusing.   I can't figure out the boards (and I've been through TONS of updates/changes). I'm more confused than ever because after digging around everywhere on the GS website I was tyring to see if it was even possible that 2 related adults could have a troop.   I know in Cub Scouts that is against the rules.   It has to be 2 unrelated adults.   I did find the same information buried on the Girl Scout webpage but then reading these posts, looks like several troops are formed that way.

Carolyn did send in information but hasn't contacted the person back because we thought it wasn't possible due to the rules.   I always wanted to be a Girl Scout leader when Carolyn was part of a troop but it never worked out that way.   I'm really not even sure where to begin as it was easy with the other kids -- flyers went out and they were in a troop.   With my youngest with Cub Scouts, I told them the year before I would be the leader, I figured after having 2 older ones go through I figured I could fake my way through it if I had to.

Looks like Girl Scouts have changed quite a bit again since Carolyn was in it.   Brownies were 1st - 3rd grade and we had try-its.   We would pretty much have to relearn all the programming again.    I do like the new break out of ages.   That got really confusing in our area when Juniors were 4-6 but 6th was Middle School here and honestly I don't know of any troop that went beyond 5th grade -- hence how Carolyn became a Juliette for a few years.   If her troop had continued, she would have be more than happy to be part of the group vs. an individual.

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