Thinking Day done!

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Thinking Day done!
Mon, 03-04-2013 - 7:56pm

My troop of 10th & 11th graders planned our Thinking Day celebration for our Service Unit.  They did everything themselves (that they could) and it was a fun event and everything went pretty well.  They did things a little differently than our past Thinking Days, but not radically diffferent.  I think the changes were fun and went well though.

Anyway, everyone busy selling cookies??  Foot in Mouth

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Tue, 03-05-2013 - 9:43am
WTG to you and your girls for stepping up to make a great program for the younger kids :) I don't have daughters to sell, but I already purchased.
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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 1:30pm

Congrats to your troop stepping up to do Thinking Day.  Did you have a good turn-out?  What kinds of activities did the older girls plan for the younger ones?  Did you focus on countries or on the WAGGGS themes for the year?  I'm curious to know because I believe my girls will be doing our Thinking Day event for next year... they did it for the first time this year.  And while I think my girls all put in a lot of effort and heart, we only had 5 younger scouts attend the event (and several younger siblings).  The girls parents all "traveled around the world" too and enjoyed everything the girls had planned for their countries.  It was funny to watch the one doctor dad fishing with the little pole and coloring paper nesting dolls!  Even though they did such a good job- I know they would have felt their time was better spent if more girls had shown up.  There were 5 little girls who showed up 10 minutes after we had closed up... their leader thought the event went later and they asked to come in... but since each girl had only to clean her own spot, everything was already taken down.  And I had to get to Cub Scouts, so we arranged to take what we could to a meeting of theirs at a later date.

Our cookie sales are pretty much done for the troop.  I didn't order too many extras this year (to make the per girl average of 135 boxes in order for each girl to get a shirt).  This was based on the trouble last year in selling the extra cookies and the fact this year that many of my girls were turning in initial orders of anywhere between 7 boxes and 20 boxes total... nowhere near the 135 per girl average.  My highest seller only had 104 on her initial order and is now up to around 150.  So, the girls and parents don't sell... the girls don't get the shirts.  Not my problem!  We have 8 cases of cookies to donate that are being split between the food bank and local soldiers overseas.  Those will both be turned in soon.  And I have just a couple boxes set aside for our camping trip the end of May... to surprise the girls from our troop who go.  Besides that, I just need to collect the remainder of the money and deposit it.  And get online to order the incentives- which will be pretty much nothing- I'm glad they decided to go for the 5 cents extra per box and skip the toys because they aren't getting them anyway with such low sales.  And I would like to find some surprise gift for the top seller... she went way beyond normal for her (even though she didn't come close to what several of the girls have done in previous years... and I'll get her a top seller patch).

That's all for now.

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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 2:51pm

Yes we had a great turnout, it seemed like a lot of girls to me--maybe 50-75 I think it was 8-9 troops?  And many parents were there, they are supposed to stay.  My troop organized it, but each troop is supposed to bring a display, food, and activity for a country.  So there isn't as much planning as your troop would be doing to be putting on all the countries.  My girls made all the announcements to tell the group what was going on, started the parage of flags (each troop is supposed to make the country flag also) and while all the other troops were going around to the countries they looked over everyone's displays and made up a few awards like Best Display and Best use of showing scouting info from your country on the display.  They also looked up all kinds of trivia questions that came from the displays, so it was hopefully something that troop learned and/or others read on the display as they looked around.  I bought quite a few little prizes that they gave out.  We didn't do much with the theme, it was about child mortality around the world this year.  Frankly, we had no ideas.  We had a can drive at the event and donated all the cans to a nonprofit group that feeds children.

Your incentives are pretty differnt than ours!  Our girls have to sell 300 boxes to get any tshirt.  It's the Love tshirt that goes with their theme of incentives.  My girls would love the choice to get 5 cents extra per box instead of the incentives--they are 15-16 years old and aren't going to have much use for them.  The only choice we have to not get them and receive money instead is if we are going on a trip. Those are pretty low orders.  My girls sold more than that, but I do not have any super sellers so with our booth sales we ordered a total of about 700 boxes.

“Clearly," said Arthur,"you're an idiot- but you're our kind of idiot. Come on.” 
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Thu, 03-14-2013 - 2:39pm

I really think that having each troop be responsible for presenting 1 country is a great idea to insure more involvement/participation.  Girl Scouting has been dropping off in my area and it seems as if I only know 2 of the leaders and the rest are either new people taking over an old troop or very little girls with new leaders.  It's been a struggle to get anything done on the service unit level because most leaders are just trying to manage the year and their first cookie sale.  That's why we did Thinking Day all on our own... I figured it would be a really easy thing to bring their troops to- very simple, low key, cheap, and no prep work or clean up for them.  Maybe next year, we will incorporate the troops each doing a country as well as each of my girls (in pairs) to beef it up.  

For our cookie sale incentives, these were the levels/prizes:

30+boxes- theme patch 

75+ design a sign (tiny wood plaque with sticker letters for your name)

100+ cookie star patch pin

135+ flip flop shaped zipper pouch

155+ Love T-shirt or $5 cookie dough

200+ honey the golden retriever plush or $5 cookie dough

260+ bandana and Love handwarmers or $5 cookie dough

320+ crazy daisy case or $5 cookie dough

375+ lefty/righty journal or $5 c.d.

450+ forever flowers room pickets or $5 c.d.

500+ secret pocket pillow and Super Patch or $5 c.d. and Super Patch plus invitation to super seller party

600+ designer satchel or $5 c.d.

750+ purple power blanket or $5 c.d.

1000+ boxes- 3 Day Camp Program or $75 cookie dough

1500+ "camping gear"- does not say what

2013+ boxes- Kindle Fire

The above were all cumulative... you got one for each level up to the level you sold at.

For the initial order it was actually 145+ boxes to get flower power wristlet and 205+ boxes to get flower power volleyball.  

And the troop reward was 145 boxes per selling girl average to get the World Daisy Tee.

And since my troop did so little work this year on selling, most would have gotten no prize- not even the theme patch.

However, since we are cadettes or older and they voted unanimously to skip the incentives and get 5 cents extra per box, and they all signed the form... that's how we got to skip incentives.  The only thing that they would get as incentives is the per troop average t-shirt if they sold 145 average per selling girl.  And the theme patch- because that's like an advertisement when they wear it on their vest/sash.