Two New Girls

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Two New Girls
Fri, 07-30-2010 - 2:44am

I found out today (the final day of Vacation Bible School at church) that 2 girls want to join my troop. One has been around for a long time and her mom finally said yes that she could join... she's entering 4th. And another is from a family who moved into town a couple of months ago and she was asking around about scouts for her daughter and sons. The mom will homeschool, but they will go to our church. It seems a perfect fit because there is another homeschool girl in my troop. This girl is entering 7th. The boys in this family one is just old enough to join a boy scout troop rather than do cubs for such a short time, one will be a bear this year and the youngest will either join tigers or wait until next year... he's behind a bit with hearing problems and will be doing kindergarten work this year, but he just turned 6 in July... so it could go either way for him to be with his peers... it might be convenient to have him in my son's Tiger den if I'll be having the girl for scouts too.

So, at the moment, it looks as if I'll have 10 cadettes, 1 or 2 seniors, 9 juniors. It's nice that they are doing much more of their own planning now. We are going to start with the Amaze Journey the end of August. And the girl who I thought was going to quit probably isn't... she will just take a scouting break during basketball season... she likes scouts too much, but basketball is her life.


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Sat, 07-31-2010 - 4:57pm

That's great Jen! I have 8 new girls joining our troop plus 2 new co-leaders. One troop (4 girls) is merging with ours and another troop is just disbanding so 4 of their girls are joining us. They all did Spring Reg, so we are ready to rock! That gives me 3 Ambassadors and 8 Seniors.

As for leaders, I am the troop leader, the other troop leader from the merge troop is my co leader, her old co leader is our craft/service project leader and my old co leader is our cookie/fall product leader. It's great to have so much help and then in 2 years I will turn the troop over to my co leader and her old co leader! I don't have to worry about missing any meetings anymore!!

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Tue, 08-03-2010 - 10:57am

Jen -

That's exciting about picking up new girls.