UHOH~ What do I do???

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UHOH~ What do I do???
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 11:32am
I was looking at a new girls form trying to locate her phone #.

well I looked at her birthdate and age.. Aug.97. age 5.

This makes her to young to be a 1st yr brownie Right???

I have contacted our registar to find out what to do.

What makes me mad though is My co and I had suspesions she

was to young. I had even made a comment to the Mom about her

age and grade. Mom avoided it acted like she didn't hear me.

What needs to be done? she hasn't earned any try-its or

anything. She just joined up last month and has only came

to 2 meetings, well 3 but Mom got Mad at her and they left

10 mins after we got started.

Can she just stay with us we only have 3 meetings left

and a few trips. Or does she need to move down to the

Daisy troop?

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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 4:37pm
We have this exact situation in a Brownie troop in my service unit. I was furious when I found out because it was in the middle of cookies and this girls dad was cookie dad and she was the top seller for the troop (over 1000 boxes). In this situation the leader asked mom about the date and her being in K and mom said she just made the cut off but got held back and she's a second year K. Ok that's fine that would make her a Brownie. So she sends on the registration, we have no SU registrar, our FE hs been doing that (bless her) and she missed it, sends it on, council registrar misses it and so does national. Cookies come around and the SU cookie chair also has a daughter in this troop, and asked me about the little girl becuase she is in the SUCC pre-k-k choir at church. So I ask the leader, the leader tells me what happened and I tell the SUCC. SUCC says that doesn't sound right, I know what class she was in in PreK let me ask the teacher (I work with SUCC at the city pre-k) Teacher says, no she was in my class last year, see here's the class picture! UGH!!! So I nonchalantly ask dad one day during a meeting (I'm the leader's mentor so it's not at all unusual for me to be there) He says no, we decided that if we had to register her as a Daisy that she wouldn't be a Girl Scout this year so we registered her as a Brownie. I was floored! So I told him that when the rest of the girls bridge to Juniors we'll have to evaluate where she is maturity wise to see if she's ready to bridge. Dad says oh she's one of the most mature in her grade at school (there are 16 K classes at the school). Leader says no, she's the most immature in the troop and has practically no attention span but is a great kid. Talk to our FE and she agrees with me. We'll let it go for now and evaluate at 3rd year Brownies. Fast Forward and I'm at the dad's mom's house to pick up cookies and his mom starts talking to be about Girl Scouts, turns out she was a SUD when they lived in Germany, and it was HER desicion/ idea to register the girl as a Brownie and not a Daisy. I made a light comment about honest and fair and she just laughed and said "well the Daisy program is a bunch of nothing, no badges or cookies so it's not worth it and I didn't think she should have to wait another year" I couldn't put together another coherant nice thought, so I gathered my cookies and left, calling our FE on my cell phone as I pulled out. Because we found out so late in the year the real story and she had earned try its and had sold cookies the FE and I were in a jam. The MD at council said to keep her as a Brownie for 4 years and that if Granny had a problem she could call her!.

So at this poing in the game, I would suggest talking to the parents and letting them know that somehow her birthday slipped by you as being to young for Brownies and that when the time came to bridge to juniors you'd have to evaluate her situation separatly becuase she is so young and the Junior program is too mature for second graders (let alone 3rd graders, I'm very much against early bridging in practice)


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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 2:16pm
IMHO inform the mother that you misunderstood about her age and that you will have to switch her registration to Daisy status BUT there is no reason why she can't continue with your troop. It may be there was no Daisy troop or there was some other reason why she couldn't/wouldn't do the daisy troop. She might come clean when you approach her or maybe not. She probably doesn't have time to earn a center and petals but maybe you could find some fun patches to give her for participation and have her earn the bridge to Brownies patch. If she has a uniform, let her wear it. No need to punish the kid for the mother's mis-doing.

I would tell her all this with a smile and be friendly and welcoming...but don't EVER trust her again!

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:22pm
Is there any way she got into Kinderagarten early? My DD will be a first grader in the fall and doesn't turn 6 until November 11. If she is in Kindergarten now I woudl see what council has to say about it. She could definately be a brownie this fal if she were a first grader then. If she will be a K I woudl have her join a DGS troop.
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Sat, 04-26-2003 - 12:18am
Well further investagations it looks like this child hasn't even started School YET

I called to talk to the Mom.. Stepdad answered MOm wasn't home..I asked him simply..

What school district did Hope go to... He said .. she d... who is this? I answered..

he said.. OH GIRLSCOUTS>. well she is .. You will have to talk to her MOM..



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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 11:31am
Maybe this mom has the delusion that she is homeschooling her child? And therefore to her the grade doesn't matter? In which case, my earlier advice still stands!