We met CEO of GSWPA tonight

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We met CEO of GSWPA tonight
Tue, 12-08-2009 - 12:01am

I took 2 girls from my troop to the Program/Property Study forum tonight. I prepared them all ahead of time and said I had 5 seats in my car for girls, but it was just over an hours drive on a Monday night and as it was we didn't get home till 10pm. I would have liked to have more girls and more letters from girls in hand, but the two that went, my own daughter and a friend of hers, were really well received.

As we arrived, two different adults came up to the girls and explained that there were beads for them to play with in the back if they wanted and they both refused, saying they were there for the meeting. They listened again as the committee reviewed the program study documents and as people "discussed" the findings at the end. It was all pretty much just about the camp property we were at, so I had them wait for a bit. Then I saw our chance and explained that my troop had been presented with the property study ahead of time and they wanted to be heard, but only 2 girls could come. They had their points written out and in loud, clear voices, they spoke about what mattered to them... using facts from the property study to prove their points.

Afterwards, the CEO of GSWPA came up to them and thanked them, but didn't explain who she was, so I intervened and introduced her properly with an explanation of who she was. My daughter's friend said later (thanks for not telling us who she was until the end because she would have been too nervous to speak). But the CEO was very impressed with the girls and all the points that I made... including pointing out some omissions and mistakes that were in the 75 page document. I really enjoyed my short private conversation with her at the end of the evening. And I'm very proud of my girls. Now I just have to get everyone else to write by the end of January so we have a strong voice represented by the time they send their report to the board of directors.


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Tue, 12-08-2009 - 9:17am
Jen- I hope you can make a difference.