What does Council do for us?

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What does Council do for us?
Tue, 12-11-2012 - 12:32pm

I was just speaking to the leader of 1st grade girls the other day and she is already disgusted with Girl Scouts.  She agreed to be our MagNut person for our Service Unit.  There was no training- she was just given a book and said everything you need is in here.  She also told me that at the multi-SU meeting (that I couldn't attend due to a Boy Scout event) they were all told that Council will not be sponsoring any more Day Camps.  They said that they couldn't make it worth their money.  (In 2012 they were charging $60 per girl and providing lunch for 4 days).  Also- the ONLY program offered in the entire county was 1 at the State Park for older girls- the one I complained about the safety issue of taking girls into an active hunting zone while wearing no orange- I haven't heard back about that yet.  There was nothing for Daisy, Brownie, or Junior level girls in the entire county... they would have to travel into Pittsburgh or further.

So, this friend of mine said that she's not real sure WHY we are raising so much money for the council through the MagNut sale and only 3-4 weeks after she finally gets it all turned in, they start the cookie sale January 3rd or 4th.  What benefit are we getting from raising all this money?

Honestly, I'm shocked about them not doing a Day Camp this year.  I know the lady who ran it last year was just a volunteer leader as well and she did a poor job probably because of no training and support... but really?  

This kind of stuff is what makes me also want to quit Girl Scouts.  My troop isn't really interested in what's available to them as well although they like the idea of what Girl Scouting should be.  I know several will be joining a Venture Troop in Boy Scouts in the coming year as they are soon old enough.