Deciding to Have Just One

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Deciding to Have Just One
Wed, 02-06-2013 - 5:23pm

I enjoyed reading this author's take on her decision that they were just a one child family: 

I've wondered if, in fact, I'm being selfish by not having another kid. I guess it depends on how you define selfish. If it means I take into account and value my own needs and desires, then yes, I'm guilty as charged. But selfish doesn't necessarily mean cold or heartless. Looking after your own well-being isn't just prudent, it's essential. There's a reason the emergency procedures in airplanes tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else, including your kids. I'm no good to anyone strung-out, stressed or overwhelmed. There are people who were meant to have lots of kids. I am not one of them. That doesn't bother me in the slightest.

You can read the rest of the article at:

She remarks in the article that you should only have another child if you feel that your family is incomplete, which I think is great advice.  Some families feel complete after just one child, other families, like ours, didn't feel complete until our youngest was born.  

What do you think of her advice?