I can't believe what this blogger said about only children!

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I can't believe what this blogger said about only children!
Fri, 01-18-2013 - 2:44pm

Holy cow, have you heard about the blogger that said parents of only children are selfish and that only children are obnoxious and have a more selfish nature?   I read about it here, and I'm very angry over it!  And I don't even have an only child!!

I don't think that people should have more than one child based upon vague assumptions and predictions of behavior.  I know plenty of people that weren't only children that are extremely selfish and rude.  I think it's on how you are raised and your own genetic makeup, not on how many siblings you have.  What do you think about it? 

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I don't think it matters if the child is an only or in a multiple sibling family. I think it is how their parents allow them to behave.

I do not allow my children to act obnoxious and selfish when I am around them. But I know each of them has acted with that behavior sometime in their lives.

Some only children are more spoiled than others, but that doesn't necessarily make them obnoxious or selfish if the parents do not allow it.

Our oldest has become selfish and obnoxious and we cannot fathom what it is that makes her that way. We did not raise her to act like this, and have had some difficulty dealing with her lately. Even her siblings are at a loss and are angry with her current behavior. We all hope it will pass.

I can only think the blogger didn't really do research of all socioeconomic family types.

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I think the blogger would have been more accurate had the statement said "all children are selfish and obnoxious". I find it completely appaling how rude,sarcastic, and disrespectful children are these days.