New Feature - Personal Icons!

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New Feature - Personal Icons!
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 1:45pm
Ever wonder how those little icons appear to the right of people's names? It's called a personal icon and they're now available to all iVillage members!

If you check your "board settings" later this afternoon, the personal icons will be available for your choosing!

....and still more!

Here are some updates on the progress of the new version of the boards:

We'll finally get folder-specific Outline View. You may have already noticed the "Display more of this discussion" links at the top of very long discussions where older messages have fallen out of the 500 most recent messages display. Next week, we'll be adding folder-specific Outline Views. When tested, it seems to load quicker.

You will soon see a "check your email preferences" page. The page will only be displayed once to each user, so it shouldn't be a major source of complaints.

According to Prospero, they've closed the black hole between the main page and folder view. (Messages were visible on Outline View but there was a gap between the main page and folder view.) Let us know if you're still seeing black holes.

QA is testing load times for dial-up and cable connections, for boards with and without images. They will compare load times for boards with load times for editorial pages. This will test the theory of ads slowing people down.


Other news: Within the next couple of weeks

* Members will be able to post without previewing. We will still have the "your message will be posted shortly" page because it's a help to newbies who might otherwise be confused by the experience after they clicked "post" and because it has some navigational aids. (YAY YAY YAY!!!)

* We will be adding "Next page" links to the top of archive pages to make it easier to tab through them quickly.

* We have also requested date tabs for archives (so members can access old archives more easily).

* We will add a hyperlink back to the message board at the end of the breadcrumb trail on Search pages.

Things are starting to happen, thank you for continuing to be patient while quirks and kinks are being worked out~

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