Thinking of baby

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Thinking of baby
Sun, 05-26-2013 - 4:39pm

 My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary; we're both 30 and definitely want a family. We've started to really talk about it recently. I'm not ready, but now I'm wondering..Some close friends of ours, who are expecting baby #2 and are 34, found out that the baby has Downs Syndrome..which has me scared. I know my body is totally different from hers, but the thought of that has always been in the back of my mind..I was thought to have Downs since my mom was 35 with me. 

Anyways, my question is this: When do you talk to your doctor and start this process of pre-planning? I have an internal doc..should I go ahead and find an ob/gyn?  I've told my husband that I'm not ready, but I'd like to have our 2nd year behind us before we start trying.  I'd like to have our financial house in order first and I'd like to get my nursing school going at least.  I'm just not in a place where I feel a baby would be the best decision for us. But I don't want to put it off too long either.

Are there things to be done before actively trying to conceive? 

Thanks, Sarah

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Fri, 05-31-2013 - 3:38pm
Hello Sarah! Happy Anniversary :) You have some time before having to look for an ob/gyn, a few months before you start actively TTC would be a good time for a preconception visit, start prenatal vitamins and just overall trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. The best time to have a baby is when it feels right to you. While your fertility does decrease the older you get, you also don't want to have a baby before you are ready. If you are really concerned, you could find an ob/gyn now, ask to run some fertility testing to give you an idea on where you stand, and to discuss the risks involved. While the risks of DS does increase with maternal age, it's not an automatic assumption like it used to be. How does your husband feel about it?