1 boy, 2 girls want another boy :) HELP!

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1 boy, 2 girls want another boy :) HELP!
Mon, 09-06-2010 - 9:08am
Hello everyone, I am new here. We have a boy and 2 girls we would love to attempt to conceive another baby boy. I am new to charting, I have read part of the Dr Shettles method and I am trying to chart my CM to find out when Im ovulating, this is my first time I ever chart, and I am confused! can any one give me some guidance, should I temp as well? my CM has not been consistent, this month for some reason I find less of it than other months...so I have not been able to check exactly what it looks like. We would like to try sometime around December. Is temping a good idea too? do I need to temp every morning and is the temp taken vaginally or orally, and when should I BD to have better chances of that boy?
Thank you so much for any advice you can give me! :)
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Mon, 06-27-2011 - 9:54pm
It's obviously been a while since you posted. Are you pregnant now? Do you know gender!? :D
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Tue, 09-07-2010 - 3:19pm

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