calling all ladies who did MS IUI

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calling all ladies who did MS IUI
Wed, 03-03-2010 - 10:09pm
Hi ladies,
I used to post more often on this board back in '04-'05 after i had my second boy and since have been on the quest for my daughter, I have also since gave birth to my third boy. After years of deciding which way to go, we have decided high tech MS. I am searching for as much info as possible, I am also a member of ingender so I know a lot of general info but am mostly looking for personal experiences. I know there seems to have been quite a few successes here with IUI and nowadays it seems it is harder to find these successes. I wonder if any protocol has changed with MS over the past few years? What kind of meds were you on? full monitoring or opks? how long after trigger did you have the iui? when did you trigger by + opk,or bloodtests( LH hormone) or just ultrasound? Was it just one sort of semen or two done with your iui? What do you think was the main thing that led to your success? These and any other info you could give me would be awesome! I think I only have 1 shot at this and want to make it the best!! Thanks!!