I have 3 boys! Can we make a girl?

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I have 3 boys! Can we make a girl?
Wed, 02-09-2011 - 12:27pm

OK.. Ill start at the beginning. I first conceived when I was 19 and gave birth to my first beautiful little guy. Before he was born children was just not something I thought I EVER wanted. DH did not want anymore after him. It took 3 years of growing up and pushing a bit but he decided another go. So two weeks after TTC we found out we were expecting again. They were completely different pregnancies and really thought there was a LG in there.. my first two ultrasounds showed girl but I had a third (high risk) and thats when he showed himself... He was beautiful but knew that I would always yearn for that little girl. So a year and two months later we stopped BC and decided to give it one more try. My third baby is now 3 months old and again another beautiful little boy :)

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Wed, 02-09-2011 - 7:52pm


When I found out we were having a second boy during my second pregnancy, we looked up stats on baby sex and here's what we found out:

First time around: 50/50 chance either sex

Second time around: 65/35 (65% chance of having same sex as first/35% chance having different sex as first)

Third time around if first two of same sex: 85/15 (85% chance of having same sex again if first two were too)

Fourth time around if all three are same sex: 50/50 either sex even odds

Your third pregnancy you only had 15% chances of having a girl according to what we found

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Tue, 02-15-2011 - 2:57am
I know how you feel...After my 3rd boy, I thought this is crazy just one boy after another! how is that possible?! I think the women who have both boy girl equally don't realize how lucky they are. It seems like the impossible task for me (and others in my shoes) How far along were you when they told you girl, but turned out to be boy? I've heard that those who get pg so easily are more likely to have boys. That's how we are, pg immediately, even when I was swaying for a girl which all the stuff I was doing you would think would lower my chance for pg. Those who have fertility issues tend to have a higher chance of girl. A high sperm count favors boys. We tried to lower dh's sperm count but I don't think it worked! Good luck getting your dh to try for a third....keep us updated! There is a lot of info out there for swaying girl, but of course not 100%

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