TTC Girl Low Tech: Week of 9/9

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TTC Girl Low Tech: Week of 9/9
Mon, 09-10-2007 - 9:33am

Welcome to the TTC GIRL LOW TECH thread. Longing for a daughter? Then come on and join us! Everyone is Welcome.

ATTEMPTS and OUTCOMES- All attempted LOW TECH for a DD. Links to attempt.

Kris's attempt:boy

Suzanne's attempt:girl

Mandy's attempt:girl

Dee's attempt:boy

Christy's attempt:girl

Julie's attempt:girl

Heather's attempt:boy

Amy's attempt:girl

===Moms- Welcome Babies!!!===

Mandy - It’s a GIRL!!
Emily - It’s a BOY!!
Mom_Katie - It’s a GIRL!!
Vivian - It's a GIRL!!
Vanessa - It’s a GIRL!!
Kris - It's a BOY!!
Heather - It's a BOY!!
Julie -It's a GIRL!!
Christy - It's a GIRL!!
Dee - It's a BOY!!
Suzanne - It's a GIRL!!
Monica - It's a BOY!!
Chris- It's a GIRL!!
Andrea (cl) - It's a GIRL!!!! 06/29/07
Shen (2DS,1 DD angel)- EDD 07/15/07 - ITS A BOY!!!! C-section on 06/22/07

===We hope you guys got healthy babies!! Let us know!!===

Melissa EDD 2/28/07 (1DS)
Chris EDD 3/10/07 (3DS) It's a BOY!!
Christy W. EDD 4/3/07 (2DS)
Jodi EDD 4/5/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!!!!!
Jenny EDD 4/8/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!


Jess (2DS) EDD 08/29/07 60% Girl!!
Kris D (1ds,1DD, 1DS Angel) C section scheduled for 9/14/07 - It's a GIRL!
WWP (Want Warrior Princess) (1DS) EDD 10/21/07
Michelle (4DS)EDD 10/29/07 - It's a BOY!
Karol EDD 11/19/07
Karen (3DS) EDD 11/22/07 - It's a girl!
Andrea (2DD, 6 DS) EDD 12/8/07 - It's a boy!
Holly (2DS) EDD 12/19/07 - It's a boy!
Jane (4DS,1DD) EDD 12/29/07- It's a girl!
Amanda (2DS) EDD 01/10/08





Cindy (2DS)
Alexa (2DS)
Jennifer (3DS)
Mary (3DS)
Allie (1DS)
Debbie (3DS)(Shettles + environment)
Laura (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Kari (2DS, 1DS angel) Shettles + environment

==TTC other low tech method==

Julie P. (3DS, 1DD) (TBM)
Chris (2DS) (Environment)
Jennifer (3DS)
Lauren (2DS)

==TTC BBDM (Bunny baby dancing method - LOTS of sex!)==

==2WW - Hoping For a BFP!!!! Good luck!==

==Waiting and watching ttc soon==

Kylie (4DS)
Jennifer (1DS)
Lesly (2DS)
Neeshia (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Dee (3DS)
Elisabeth (2DS)
Katmoma (2ds)
Brandirose (3ds)
Kelly (2DS)
Stacy (1DS)
Lauren (2DS)

By: Jackie
Great site for seeing the development of a baby from conception - thanks Michelle!

Gender Tips Web Site:
Also see Methods of GD on this board and go to Tips for ttc GIRL. It’s great!

HPTs Rankings by Sensitivity:

Common Abbreviations:


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Mon, 09-10-2007 - 9:43am

Hi Ladies!

I took the liberty of starting a new thread. I hope you don't mind. I remember Holly saying saying that she didn't mind if someone started it up on Sundays.

Andrea, that's nice you now have time to spend with Lilliana during the day. Are the boys in all day school? How do you feel about them taking the bus?

Kris, have you told DH yet? I'm dying to know how things are going. How do you feel now?

Well, my week of TTC has just been so ridiculous, it's funny. I took the pill for a few days earlier in the month which seems to have messed up my cycle a bit and delayed O. So I think today is really the day where I will O. Every day I tell my DH that we have to do it one more time and now it's been about 9 times in the last 10 days. It's RIDICULOUS and I've had to take extreme measures to try to get him in the mood - what a good sport he's been. Every morning I wake up, take my temp and find that it STILL hasn't risen and I have even more CM than I did the day before. It's getting so frustrating that it's funny. I went through a whole box of OPKs about 5 days ago and the last one I took was dark but not darker than the control-line so I figured I didn't need to buy anymore. I looked back at my previous months' data and saw that meant I should O in about 48 hours and the next day would be a true positive OPK. Well, it could have been the stress of our new au pair and the stress of having a big b-day party for my son on Saturday but it's all over and I think my body's finally cooperating. I didn't feel right about anything more than a 36 hour cutoff so we just had to keep doing it! Now I bet his sperm is so weak but I won't get preggo. I can test about 10 days from tomorrow, assumign my temp finally goes up. I'll keep you posted. All I can say is this has been an extraordinary month and it's way different than the other times I have attempted to get pg and to concieve. I hope things go well b/c we are traveling from NC to Boston on Saturday for two weddings and work and taking everyone so that will also be quite stressful.

Well, have a good morning. Thanks for letting me kvetch!

TTC #4


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Tue, 09-11-2007 - 4:56am

hi ladies
sorry I have been MIA, my dad has been visiting and went back yesterday :( I am already missing the extra pair of helping hands! He is so brilliant, a real cleanaholic, just what I needed over the long summer holidays so now I just have to muddle along on my own again, my mil arrives in 6 weeks, cant wait! I generally get on quite well with her, a few niggles but then she is a mil! lol. I can't believe I am down to single figures now! 8 weeks to go! eeek! I have done and bought NOTHING yet! eeekk!! With the holidays and finances I havent been able to do much, my clothing and bedding collection is growing nicely though so at least she will be clothed! I am really starting to get nervous about the cs and the spinal in particular, I really hate it and I cringe every time I start thinking about it, I was hoping to go for general this time but the dr says no, bad for baby and dh was moaning that he wouldnt be able to be at the birth so I guess I just have to be brave! lol

Next week I am looking after two of my friend's boys for 9 days while he goes off to Venesuala to get married! I am really not looking forward to it as the 4 year old is a real handful and he fights all the time with my 5 year old so it is going to be tiring but anyway, I will just have to muddle through it. Once they have gone it is full steam ahead with the nursery nook, i have the wall paper sitting around waiting to go up and will move the cot bed down from the loft and buy ds3 a proper size bed, I am planning on redecorating the boys' room for Christmas anyway. I havent even bought my car seat and push chair yet! Hopefully I can get that end of this month, we will have to see how the finances pan out. DH started a new job so things are looking up again on that front, thank goodness.

Holly - I know how you feel about the kitchen, we also redid ours when we moved in and it took us ages, I think I was about 6 months without an oven and about 8 without a hob! We were doing it ourselves and with friends' help so it took allot longer, it was just microwave cooking and it was terrible! Luckily I got my dishwasher plumbed in quite quickly! lol Good luck.

Andrea - You think your pregnancy is going quickly, I'm down to single figures already! eeek!! Glad all is well your end

Kris- NEWS!!!! Come on, you are the lady with the news at the moment

Karen- good luck on the attempt this month, sounds really hectic. I remember when I was ttc, dh started complaining that he felt abused because we were bd so much! lol, there is just no pleasing them! I had a cut off with my boys as far as i remember but that was a while ago and this one I just bd right through o so hopefully that will make the difference for you to, you must be really patient and organised to have 4 under 4! Although I suppose having an aupair really helps, I wish I could afford one!

well, ladies, have a lovely day, chat soon
3ds dd edd 11/22/07

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Tue, 09-11-2007 - 11:20am

only 8 weeks left!!

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Tue, 09-11-2007 - 8:27pm

Hi lovelies -

Just wanted to let you know that I've posted a message in the announcements section.


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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 9:47am
Sorry I've been away so long.
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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 12:30pm
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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 12:47pm

OH my gosh, Kris, that was beautiful!!!!
I had tears in my eyes (hormones, LOL!), I bet your DH will love it. Made me realize that having three boys is going to be great! Your boys are so lucky to have each other.....

How are you doing on the gender thing? Hoping for a girl or either way is ok?

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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 12:49pm

Well, it was a big old dud for me.

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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 1:26pm

Kris, that was an amazing video.


Jackson 3

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Wed, 09-12-2007 - 1:34pm

i started off strong