TTC Girl Week of 11/19

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TTC Girl Week of 11/19
Mon, 11-19-2007 - 12:01pm

Welcome to the TTC GIRL LOW TECH thread. Longing for a daughter? Then come on and join us! Everyone is Welcome.

ATTEMPTS and OUTCOMES- All attempted LOW TECH for a DD. Links to attempt.

Kris's attempt:boy

Suzanne's attempt:girl

Mandy's attempt:girl

Dee's attempt:boy

Christy's attempt:girl

Julie's attempt:girl

Heather's attempt:boy

Amy's attempt:girl

===Moms- Welcome Babies!!!===

Mandy - It’s a GIRL!!
Emily - It’s a BOY!!
Mom_Katie - It’s a GIRL!!
Vivian - It's a GIRL!!
Vanessa - It’s a GIRL!!
Kris - It's a BOY!!
Heather - It's a BOY!!
Julie -It's a GIRL!!
Christy - It's a GIRL!!
Dee - It's a BOY!!
Suzanne - It's a GIRL!!
Monica - It's a BOY!!
Chris- It's a GIRL!!
Andrea (cl) - It's a GIRL!!!! 06/29/07
Shen (2DS,1 DD angel)- EDD 07/15/07 - ITS A BOY!!!! C-section on 06/22/07
Michelle - It's a BOY!

===We hope you guys got healthy babies!! Let us know!!===

Melissa EDD 2/28/07 (1DS)
Chris EDD 3/10/07 (3DS) It's a BOY!!
Christy W. EDD 4/3/07 (2DS)
Jodi EDD 4/5/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!!!!!
Jenny EDD 4/8/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!


Jess (2DS) EDD 08/29/07 60% Girl!!
Kris D (1ds,1DD, 1DS Angel) C section scheduled for 9/14/07 - It's a GIRL!
WWP (Want Warrior Princess) (1DS) EDD 10/21/07
Karol EDD 11/19/07
Karen (3DS) EDD 11/22/07 - It's a girl!
Andrea (2DD, 6 DS) EDD 12/8/07 - It's a boy!
Holly (2DS) EDD 12/19/07 - It's a boy!
Jane (4DS,1DD) EDD 12/29/07- It's a girl!
Amanda (2DS) EDD 01/10/08

Kris (6DS) EDD 4/30/2008





Cindy (2DS)
Alexa (2DS)
Jennifer (3DS)
Mary (3DS)
Allie (1DS)
Debbie (3DS)(Shettles + environment)
Laura (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Kari (2DS, 1DS angel) Shettles + environment

==TTC other low tech method==

Julie P. (3DS, 1DD) (TBM)
Chris (2DS) (Environment)
Jennifer (3DS)
Lauren (2DS)

==TTC BBDM (Bunny baby dancing method - LOTS of sex!)==

==2WW - Hoping For a BFP!!!! Good luck!==

==Waiting and watching ttc soon==

Kylie (4DS)
Jennifer (1DS)
Lesly (2DS)
Neeshia (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Dee (3DS)
Elisabeth (2DS)
Katmoma (2ds)
Brandirose (3ds)
Kelly (2DS)
Stacy (1DS)
Lauren (2DS)

By: Jackie
Great site for seeing the development of a baby from conception - thanks Michelle!

Gender Tips Web Site:
Also see Methods of GD on this board and go to Tips for ttc GIRL. It’s great!

HPTs Rankings by Sensitivity:

Common Abbreviations:

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Mon, 11-19-2007 - 12:06pm

It looks like it's Karol's due date today...

~~Good Luck Karol~~

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Mon, 11-19-2007 - 12:20pm

oh yeah.

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Mon, 11-19-2007 - 8:46pm

4 DPO per my calculation; 5 DPO per FF.

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Tue, 11-20-2007 - 3:26pm

Laura, I think your attempt was on the mark. Hoping for a PINK BFP for you!

As for me, AF came so its on to the next cycle. DH will be gone during BD'ing time so we may have to skip this month unless his plans change.

Happy early thanksgiving to all of you!

Stacie, Mom to 3 boys

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Fri, 11-23-2007 - 4:48pm

hi ladies

well, one week old already! I am still struggling to recover from the c/s luckily my mil is here for another week so i am able to rest quite a bit, the bf is going well, she drinks non stop! my poor boobs! lol no problem with getting engorged though! lol. The midwife came and weighed her and in one week she has gone from 3.17kg to 3.5kg! So all the feeding is obviously doing her good. I just cant stop holding and cuddling her, I am so paranoid that something is going to happen to her, I still cant believe that i got a girl! It seems so surreal and it is strange but somehow i dont feel like I deserve her with so many people trying in failing to have girls and i am so scared that it is just going to be snatched away from me, raging hormones, I know! I think it might also be the finality of having my tubes tied and facing up to the end of the fertile years, not that I want another child and definitely dont want to go through another pregnancy and birth! I guess it is just knowing that you have the option if you want to that is comforting and now that decision is made and there is no turning back.
Have any of you experienced this total panick that something is going to happen to your baby? I just cant put her down because i am scared something will happen, I suppose it is just because she is so new and fragile and also that i want her so desperately, I just adore her so much it is scary.
sorry, allot of venting I know but you guys are so great to vent too, if dh heard me talking like this he would have me straight off to the drs for post natal depression drugs! probably not a bad idea either!
anyway, enough waffling. hope you are all well. I will try and get my backside in gear and send Andrea some more pics to post for me.
chat soon
keenen 9
Dylan 6
Damon 5
Kaydee 1 week

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Fri, 11-23-2007 - 7:37pm

Karen it's so nice to hear that you are all doing well.

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Sat, 11-24-2007 - 1:43am

Hi Karen & Kaydee!!

~Happy One Week Birthday to Kaydee!~

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Sat, 11-24-2007 - 4:38pm

I to think it is completely normal.

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Sun, 11-25-2007 - 7:56am
Jane: I know...Karol seemed to just drop off into nowhere.
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Sun, 11-25-2007 - 7:57am