TTC Lowtech DD: Week of 9/2

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TTC Lowtech DD: Week of 9/2
Sun, 09-02-2007 - 6:36pm

Welcome to the TTC GIRL LOW TECH thread. Longing for a daughter? Then come on and join us! Everyone is Welcome.

ATTEMPTS and OUTCOMES- All attempted LOW TECH for a DD. Links to attempt.

Kris's attempt:boy

Suzanne's attempt:girl

Mandy's attempt:girl

Dee's attempt:boy

Christy's attempt:girl

Julie's attempt:girl

Heather's attempt:boy

Amy's attempt:girl

===Moms- Welcome Babies!!!===

Mandy - It’s a GIRL!!
Emily - It’s a BOY!!
Mom_Katie - It’s a GIRL!!
Vivian - It's a GIRL!!
Vanessa - It’s a GIRL!!
Kris - It's a BOY!!
Heather - It's a BOY!!
Julie -It's a GIRL!!
Christy - It's a GIRL!!
Dee - It's a BOY!!
Suzanne - It's a GIRL!!
Monica - It's a BOY!!
Chris- It's a GIRL!!
Andrea (cl) - It's a GIRL!!!! 06/29/07
Shen (2DS,1 DD angel)- EDD 07/15/07 - ITS A BOY!!!! C-section on 06/22/07

===We hope you guys got healthy babies!! Let us know!!===

Melissa EDD 2/28/07 (1DS)
Chris EDD 3/10/07 (3DS) It's a BOY!!
Christy W. EDD 4/3/07 (2DS)
Jodi EDD 4/5/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!!!!!
Jenny EDD 4/8/07 (2DS) It's a GIRL!


Jess (2DS) EDD 08/29/07 60% Girl!!
Kris D (1ds,1DD, 1DS Angel) C section scheduled for 9/14/07 - It's a GIRL!
WWP (Want Warrior Princess) (1DS) EDD 10/21/07
Michelle (4DS)EDD 10/29/07 - It's a BOY!
Karol EDD 11/19/07
Karen (3DS) EDD 11/22/07 - It's a girl!
Andrea (2DD, 6 DS) EDD 12/8/07 - It's a boy!
Holly (2DS) EDD 12/19/07 - It's a boy!
Jane (4DS,1DD) EDD 12/29/07- It's a girl!
Amanda (2DS) EDD 01/10/08





Cindy (2DS)
Alexa (2DS)
Jennifer (3DS)
Mary (3DS)
Allie (1DS)
Debbie (3DS)(Shettles + environment)
Laura (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Kari (2DS, 1DS angel) Shettles + environment

==TTC other low tech method==

Julie P. (3DS, 1DD) (TBM)
Chris (2DS) (Environment)
Jennifer (3DS)
Lauren (2DS)

==TTC BBDM (Bunny baby dancing method - LOTS of sex!)==

==2WW - Hoping For a BFP!!!! Good luck!==

==Waiting and watching ttc soon==

Kylie (4DS)
Jennifer (1DS)
Lesly (2DS)
Neeshia (2DS)
Lisa (2DS)
Dee (3DS)
Elisabeth (2DS)
Katmoma (2ds)
Brandirose (3ds)
Kelly (2DS)
Stacy (1DS)
Lauren (2DS)

By: Jackie
Great site for seeing the development of a baby from conception - thanks Michelle!

Gender Tips Web Site:
Also see Methods of GD on this board and go to Tips for ttc GIRL. It’s great!

HPTs Rankings by Sensitivity:

Common Abbreviations:

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Sun, 09-02-2007 - 6:41pm

Hello everyone!
It is 105 degrees today and I am DYING! Not a fun time to be pregnant. My little guy seems to have grown tremendously in the last couple days. I am huge! His kicks are a lot more frequent and a lot stronger, too.
Kris: I can't believe you haven't told DH! I have the biggest mouth when it comes to him. If something is important, he knows within about 2 seconds!

I attached a pic of my youngest Ethan. He is so dang cute at his age, and he has the best personality, and sense of humor! I get such a kick out of him.....

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Sun, 09-02-2007 - 8:13pm

Hi Ladies!

Holly, Ethan is adorable. Thank you for the picture. I'm glad to hear the baby is growing well!

Kris, I can't believe your DS broke his right arm. You have been a crazy busy woman this week. You are a riot to say that kids and vacation don't belong in the same sentence - so true. It's nice to feel validated by a more experienced Mum.

Isn't it weird that you didn't get pg w/ Noah with 48 hour c/offs but it was so easy this time? I would think that only girl spermies would be alive after 4 days. However, I would be concerned about your DH's sperm count being so high since it was one big deposit. Dr. Shettles ideally would have wanted you to do it daily before the cutoff from what I've read in his book. Does your DH drink coffee? Shettles also says that speeds up the male spermies. Anyway, I wouldn't want to give you false hope but I can't the theory does say that only girls should live that long! How amazing. And the whole "O" thing may be promising - perhaps it changed the acidity to the favor of the girls?

I know, isn't it too bad that the Big Brother shirts are so big? My baby Cam (Noah's age) has a "little brother" shirt and I did find a "Big Brother shirt for my former one year old at Babies 'R Us. I do believe it was somewhat big at the time. What a fantastic idea to see if he notices!

AS for me, I'm on day 13 and showing fertility signs. I'm guessing I'll O in about 4 days at the most but it's hard to tell because usually I'm a day 18-21 person. I got some cold feet and took some BCPs on day 6 and 7 which may mess things up. But now I'm gung-ho and hoping to bd daily straight through. Already checked that off my list for today :)

Well, happy Labor day, ladies!

Going to watch Big Brother now!

3 boys under 3 (not for long - #1's b-day is Wed!)


Jackson 3

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Mon, 09-03-2007 - 10:19pm

Hi Girls!

My name is Laura and I have 2 beautiful boys, Antonio 2 and Diego 1 1/2 months. I will start TTC in 6 months or so hoping for a DD.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi!!


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Tue, 09-04-2007 - 7:27am

laura - hi, welcome to the thread! good luck with ttc

Holly - your boys really are cute, it is a lovely age, i am enjoying mine too, I must say, my 9 year old is getting a bit pre teen though! lol.

Kris - glad you had a good holiday, sorry to hear about the broken arm but I guess that is par for the course with boys! Touch wood, I have managed to avoid broken bones so far! Good luck telling dh, there is a shop here that does big brother shirts in small sizes, I dont think you can get it on line though.

how is everyone else?

Andrea- what are you up to? How are you feeling your baby must be getting big too now

My baby is getting huge! i look 9 months pg already! Back to school today and everyone's eyes popped out when they saw how big I got over the hols! lol

have a good day ladies
3ds dd edd 11/22/07

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Tue, 09-04-2007 - 11:35am

Good Morning,
Just got the first 2 boys on the bus. For some stupid reason our schools thinks 'hum...let's screw up their day a bit and give them a half day in the afternoon'..GRRR. The older boys start school around 11:20 am and the younger 2 at 12:30 pm. We'll be watching for their bus soon. I think I will have about 3 hours before the older boys get

I still haven't told DH but I did decide on the how. I am making a picture dvd/cd for him. I wrote the poem out one line at a time surrounded by pictures that show the emotion of the various spot in the poem. I am setting it to far I have the Rascal Flat version of Life is a Highway and the Leeann Womack Hope You Dance song. I don't think I will be putting any other songs on but I am right now editing the pictures so they flow a bit better. I am excited to get it done but I have decided I am not rushing through it. No reason he needs to know really. I am not all that sick and not having issues right now needing more understanding or additional help.

My main fear right now is m/c. I know there is a reason if it happens but I definitely do not want to go through that!!!. I really am getting attached to the idea of being pregnant. I will say I am a bit nervous because my BBT have dropped over the past few days and is much lower than it was with Noah. Maybe it means nothing but I also know progesterone controls that which is why I am nervous. I may call and see if I can get a 2 day hCG just to prepare it is not doubling or appropriate.

Holly: VERY cute...are those happy Feet undies? My 6 year old has some like that. Oh I can not imagine being preggo in 105 degree heat!! YUCK!. I guess I will get to skip that all together with a late April early May EDD. I am normally one that can't wait to tell DH either. the longest I think I went was with #2 and Noah..I found out first thing in the morning for both and waited until night to tell DH...with DS#2 it was our first together and DH was gigging and I was a work when I found out. I didn't exactly want to tell him over the phone. The not telling seems to get easier after the first full

Karen: Yes, it was fun to get away from the house but it surely was not a break for me in any way...well except I didn't have to cook or do dishes once! I am actually not worried at all about the lack of BD... Funny thing is in that department DH and I should have had all Things are normally slower for the first year after the new baby but by year 2 when I seem to fall pregnant we are back up to 2-3 times a week. DS#2 was from EVERY day BD...a few times multiple times each day....think newlywed type I guess I will find out soon enough. At this point I haven't stressed about gender...hoping it stays that way too.

Laura: Welcome to the thread. This has been a wonderful group of women. I have hung out here since I started ttc my now almost 8 month old

Karen: You are getting close for sure. I always seem to pop that last month or so too. I may still try to find another shirt or bib for Noah but I am not going to worry if I can't. I think the picture DVD will work great

Well I best get a move on it. I have to start watching for the bus for the youngest 2 boys...then lunch and up to DS#2's school to drop off his forms.
Have a great day to all
SAHM to 6 wonderful boys
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Tue, 09-04-2007 - 4:41pm

Hi Everyone!,

I'm back...from Dollywood in Pigeon Forge TN, Hee Haw! We went there for the 3 day weekend. A lady in the park noticed my stair step boys & dd sleeping in the stroller and struck up a conversation with me. She was a really cool lady and it turned out that she had 9 boys & 1 girl. I enjoyed talking to her so much. I regret not exchanging phone numbers or email addys with her now. She was just one of those people that are so personable and confident that you just seem drawn to them, you know? She was perfectly happy with herself and her life & her family.

And I'm back from my docs appt/u/s today. Everything's looking good. The baby's still a girl and weighs 1 5/8 pounds right now. Meanwhile I'm pushing maximum destiny. They told me a number today that I've only reached a couple of times. I haven't surpassed it yet but it looks inevitable, seeing that I'm only 23 weeks. What upsets me most about the weight gain is that my mil won't stop telling me how huge I am. Sweet, huh?

They gave me the dreaded glucola to be drunk for the next visit. Yuck!

Kris: Your attempt and your symptoms sound so girly to me! I'm so excited for you! I don't think there's anything wrong with not telling dh yet. After all, you know him better than anyone.

Glad to hear the boys are back in school. Once things settle down a bit, I'm sure it will make things easier for you.

I'm so sorry to hear about your ds breaking his arm. Poor guy! It can happen really fast, I know. DS#2 broke his scaling a baby gate and falling over the other side and landed on his arm, at 2 1/2. DS#3 broke his around age 5. We were at Bruster's and he was playing in the back play area with some kids, was horsing around and landed on his arm...

Laura: Welcome!

Holly: Ethan's adorable and it's great to see him! Ethan & Wyatt could have so much fun together. Wyatt's a huge Cars fan! Is Ethan really into McQueen and the gang?

Jane w/4 ds, 1dd & 23 weeks pg w/dd#2

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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 2:28pm

Yes, cars and dinosaurs is what Ethan's into these days. He's obsessed! I love the name Wyatt, by the way. I'm so excited for Ethan to start preschool, he needs friends his own age!

Well, today we started our kitchen remodel. That means starting tommorrow we will have no kitchen. We will be living out of paper plates, and eating out a lot! I'm not looking forward to having to go the the baby's room to get cereal or something for my kids. We will be washing dishes in our bathroom, so it's just going to be crazy for awhile. Wish me luck that I get through this, lol!
My mom is taking me in two or three weeks (at 27 or 28 weeks preggo) to get 3d/4d pics. She got them done for me with Ethan at the end of my pregnancy with him, and it was so cool! We got to see what he looked like before he came out. It was a real baby too at that point, not an alien.
As for names, we have narrowed it down. I think these two names are it! We will look at the baby when he is born and if he is dark hair or tan complexion (like Ethan is) than he will be Benjamin Kyle. If he is light haired or fair complexion, he will be Luke William or Luke Ryan? Not sure about the middle name. William was my great grandfather and grandfather's name. Caleb has my dad's middle name for his middle name, and Ethan has DH's middle name for his middle name. So it would be nice if all three were meaningful, I just have to let William grow on me.
What do you guys think?

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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 7:00pm

i vote for benjamin kyle!

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Wed, 09-05-2007 - 7:24pm
It's only day one and kitchen remodeling sucks!
Andrea: I know, our pregnancies seem to be flying by. I only have about thirteen or fourteen weeks left, with the boys I delivered at 38 and 39 weeks. I can't believe it's happening so soon!
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Thu, 09-06-2007 - 11:31am

I also vote for Benjamin Kyle or Luke William. Ryan is nice, too, but I like how William sounds more like an old family name.

Wow, those babies will be here before you know it! Good luck with the kitchen remodel. I can't imagine having to wash dishes in the bathroom. Yuck. Hopefully you can go out to eat a lot and not cook for your third trimester. I guess this remodeling will rule out cooking any meals and freezing them for after the baby. You could always go to one of those Girlfriend's kitchen places and stock up. The one here deliveres meals without the delivery free when "you deliver".

Well, I'm in the middle of a bd'ing fest. My temp dropped and I have fertile signs so I bet I will O in the next 24-36 hours. I am on sudafed now and messed up with the lime this morning. I coujldn't get the cap on the bottle open very well so just gave up on it before DH realized what I was doing. He had an 8:00 meeting so we were in a huge rush at 7:45 to try to do it. Luckily, I got our deposit in and he's off of caffiene. Now the question is "to cutoff or not to cutoff". Do I stop or keep going? I really think I want a May baby more than I want a girl. I kind of want the big boys and little boys but a girl would be a nice change, of course. So I guess if the opportunity arises in the next few days we will go for it one more time. Since we've bd'd about 6 times in a row, I'm hoping for lower sperm count or at least I know my attempt was very different from the other months my boys were conceived.

Well, off to get my #1 baby who turned 3 yesterday from his 2nd day at preschool. I left him and he was crying but he was looking forward to it all morning so I know he'll be okay. Then we'll go to Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Have a good one!

TTC #4


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