Cervical Mucous after Tubal Ligation? TMI

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Cervical Mucous after Tubal Ligation? TMI
Thu, 05-19-2011 - 4:45pm

Hi there,

I have a question regarding mucous after a tubal ligation.

A bit of background for you:

I just had my 6th baby 3 months ago via emergency c-section. I was put under a general and my daughter ended up in the NICU for 5 days. All previous births had been c/s as well and this last time I had attempted a natural birth. (Please no comments on my decision to do this). Things did not go as hoped for and upon getting admitted to the hospital I had a very unpleasant doctor. I do not trust this doctor as he lied to my husband about some things. I have heard of situations where doctors took it upon themselves to decide a woman should be done having children, and with everything that happened, I wonder if he wouldn't have gone and done a tubal on me with out my knowledge or permission. Not likely, I know, but it's something I'm wondering about. The surgery took a very long time according to my husband, and we can't find a reason why it would have taken so long. (My husband was NOT in the O.R. with me)

My question is: If I had a tubal ligation, would my body still produce fertile cervical mucous? Or would having my tubes tied stop my body from producing it? I've been looking on the net for some answers but am finding a hard time getting information on that. Maybe I'm not looking in the correct places?

Any info would be much appreciated,


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