Friend's LO with similar name?

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Friend's LO with similar name?
Fri, 01-09-2009 - 5:25pm

So now that TTC is right around the corner for DH and I, I've been thinking more seriously about names. We have always liked Sofia for a girl - my grandma was Sophie and my great-grandma was Sofia.

One of DH's best friends has a

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Fri, 01-09-2009 - 7:14pm

My friends little girl is called Zofia (pronounced Sophia it's Polish)


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Sat, 01-10-2009 - 3:14pm

I would go with the names you have picked out. In my group of friends we have a Kaylee and Kyleigh. The same moms had originally picked out Devin and Davin, but one has since decided to change that thank goodness!

I understand what you are going through, I am trying to think of names myself. Just wait until you start teaching. When you have a stinker of a kid with a name, it may take that name out of your choices for your baby names.

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Sat, 01-10-2009 - 7:06pm

It's your child, it's your choice of name, and other's use of the same name shouldn't really come into it, but humans are funny creatures!

I guess it depends on what the friend was like. I've got one friend who would be seriously put out - it's "HER name and you're stealing it" type of thing.

Most others, with a valid reason, will be fine. You've got a valid reason for using the name - it's a family name for you.

Two of my Dad's friends, kids we grew up with, were both named Alexander, even with a few years between them. There didn't seem to be any problems that I saw as a kid (I don't know if there were in reality). Amongst the group they were known as Al and Big Al (who was the younger, but he was a 10 pounder!) - There wasn't even the distinction of an Al and and Alex. And 'seeing regularly' in this case was a few times a month, with a number of group holidays a year.

It can work both ways however. DBF suggested another friend's choice for a girl - I don't like the name, so pulled the opposite - 'Can't - so and so is using that'! This is a friend who probably wouldn't be fussed if we did wind up with the same name for children.


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Sat, 01-10-2009 - 8:58pm
If you really like the name, you should use it without reservation. Especially having reasons with substance for wanting it, I wouldn't worry too much about the friend's daughter having a similar name. Friends come and go but your child will be your child for the rest of your life. You deserve to give her a name that you love and just because someone who had kids before you chose a very similar name doesn't mean it's off limits for you. A friend of mine recently named her daughter Juliana and when she told me that she and her DH had settled on a name, she told me she had hesitated to tell me because of my DD being named Juliana. Honestly, I can see how some people might go into a tizzy over that but really, it's juvenile. Use the name you love and don't worry about the friends.


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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 9:15am

Thanks all for the input! We were actually at this couple's house last night playing with Sophie. Surprisingly, DH hasn't said anything about us not choosing Sofia so I'm hoping it won't be a battle trying to convince him to stick with it.

I like the suggestion of the nickname 'Fia' when both girls are around. :-)


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Sun, 01-11-2009 - 11:59pm

I say use the name - its meaningful to you and honors loved ones.