Pre anything dr appt

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Pre anything dr appt
Fri, 12-19-2008 - 10:10pm
Well I had my joyous annual exam today but I met my new womens health provider and she is awesome! She's a certified midwife and she was happy to answer any of my questions about ttc down the road. She even said that I shouldn't worry about horseback riding when I get pg until its too uncomfortable to ride (or there are issues that might prevent me from doing anything at all) because since my body is used to it, it won't cause problems that weren't already there! That's so exciting for me because I was really worried I would have to give it up for 9 mos, not that I'm expecting to ride the entire time but if its possible... Which means we might even move things up a bit sooner! Yay! The only bummer is that she doesn't do deliveries so I'd have to go see an MD at the practice for that... but she said they're working on getting a midwives "group" setup nearby that might be available by the time we're ttc so that's exciting! I definitely want to try to go a less hospital/generic/drugged route if possible (I reserve the right to change that at any point and accept as much drugs as I can but its worth a shot!). So I'm excited, she says everything looks good and she even approved my Flinstones vitamins as perfectly adequate for PNVs. :) Yay!

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