Some general questions...

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Some general questions...
Sun, 11-06-2011 - 6:06pm

Hi all, although my baby fever is very in-check these days (we still have about 18 months till I go off BCP and about 2 years until we TTC) I have some questions for others who are in the same boat as me!!

1. Anything I can be doing to prepare? I've been on a women's multivitamin for years (100% folic acid and vitamin D.) I also take 2000 mg of fish oil every day (have been doing this for years, as well.) Anything else I can/should be doing? My weight is normal, I eat well, etc. I don't exercise...I know I should...

2. I'm going off BCP about 6 months in advance of TTC since I've been on BCP for 7 years and have NO clue what my normal cycles are like (I can't remember that far back!) I do vaguely remember one doctor appt in high school in which I was very late for my period but it eventually showed. I don't remember any extreme cramps/pain etc so I'm pretty confident I don't have endo/pcos/anything like that. But I guess my question is, is there ANY way for me to predict at this point whether I will be regular? For example, are there women who aren't regular on or off the pill? Since I'm 100% regular on the pill, maybe this could be a good sign? (doubtful, I know, but worth asking...)

3. I can't decide if going off the pill 6 months in advance will start messing with my brain too much. I am VERY concerned that I will get myself super worked up about TTC and therefore hurt our chances once we get going. I want to be super relaxed, have fun, etc. How do you ladies handle this, or plan on handling this? How do you set a date and prepare without worrying that maybe you're hurting your chances by getting too worked up?

We're doing so well on our pre-ttc goals...and I am so so happy with our lives right now before children. If I accidentally got PG today, I would be very bummed...we're just not ready yet. But I know once our checklist is done, we will both be so excited. I know we're going to be amazing parents. The other day on Pinterest I saw this little picture of three elephants (one was a baby) and it said, "First we had each other, then we had you. Now we have everything." Right now I'm so happy with just me + husband, but questions are slowly arising as I see our family on the horizon slowly drawing closer...

Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance for any answers :)

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Sun, 11-06-2011 - 7:40pm

Hey there!

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Mon, 11-07-2011 - 4:21pm

Hi and welcome! :)

1. To prepare - it's great that you're already taking vitamins, eating healhty, etc. According to my doctor there is no reason to switch from multivitamins to prenatals until you stop taking birth control. As soon as you are off birth control you should take those prenatals, even if you're not actively TTC at first.
Getting more into the habit of exercising/being active will only benefit you! I'm sure you could work on that over the next 2 years. Try a bunch of different things and see what you like! Do workout videos at home, try a class like Zumba with girlfriends, dance, take walks, use the couch to 5K program to learn to run, do yoga, play tennis, etc etc etc. You'll find an activity you love and you'll be


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