the WTT BITE ME thread

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the WTT BITE ME thread
Wed, 01-14-2009 - 1:48pm

Taking a cue from TTCYFC and a BITE ME thread over there, i decided to start

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Wed, 01-14-2009 - 1:56pm

BITE ME to everyone whose DH is SOOO on board with TTC, when i can't even get mine to feel bad for me in the slightest when i'm sad AF showed and we didn't have an oops.

BITE ME to all the freakin pg women i see everywhere all the time- you make me so jealous!

BITE ME to all the family who always wants to know when me and DH are going to have a baby... like i'm not freaking trying to get that going as it is!

BITE ME to my younger cousin who accidently got pg and now has a beautiful little girl.

BITE ME to all those stupid freaking weight loss ads that make me feel like a cow.

BITE ME to fake boobs in comparison to my little real ones.

BITE ME to all the "oh it will when when it's supposed to" crap

BITE ME to congressmen who give themselves a raise while cutting more budgets and therefore more jobs.

and finally

BITE ME to myself for not being able to stop thinking about TTC and when it will happen, and wanting it to happen, and making it worse on myself.

i guess that's enough for now. i may be back with more. :) i feel a little better!

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Wed, 01-14-2009 - 3:37pm


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Wed, 01-14-2009 - 10:42pm

BITE ME to new boss at work, who is not nearly as cool as the last manager, who does not let us do things our own ways and treat us with respect.

BITE ME to the economy for not making it easier for me to find a new job.

BITE ME to waiting to TTC!

BITE ME to my car, which needs to be fixed or replaced.

BITE ME to National Grid for being idiots and giving me a hard time on the phone.

BITE ME to being exhausted and not catching up on sleep!

BITE ME to periods and the fact that they mean I'm not PG!

BITE ME to my aching tired body!

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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 9:42am

This is a good one! Great idea!

BITE ME to stupid ideal of being married for a year before TTC

BITE ME to freaking pg women EVERYWHERE who just remind me that I'm not and that DH oogles because he's fascinated by it

BITE ME to all the women on the ttc boards who think they've got "symptoms" even though they just had sex last night... GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND TAKE BIOLOGY! Puh-LEEZ!

BITE ME to my lesbian hag neighbors that are trying to steal our land, are costing me a fortune in lawyers fees and destroying our savings that I would have LIKED to put towards buying... oh say a new car with 4 doors

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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 11:28am

Thank you, Ashley, this was so needed!

BITE ME - DB and SIL who chose to terminate their first pregnancy (years ago) then got pregnant their first cycle trying when they decided they were ready for children.

BITE ME - Dad for pressuring me to give him a timeline for when we will produce a grandchild for him, because, obviously, that's the only reason we will be having a child ?!?!?!

BITE ME - Mom, who is more subtle, but let me know that we could have the bassinette she bought for when my niece visited her house and is always talking about "when you have kids of your own." I got the hint, mom!

BITE ME - FIL whose first response to finding out we were engaged (like, six years ago!) was "well, then, I guess we're going to have some grandbabies."

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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 12:27pm

Oh thank you so much for this - If I ever needed this today was the day!

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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 2:06pm

Thank you so much for bringing this over here! I saw it on the TTCYF board and thought it was awesome. I'm sooooo getting in on this one! :)

BITE ME to this nagging feeling


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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 8:46pm

BITE ME to the "insulated" housing market up here, making it near impossible for us to buy a house when we planned.

BITE ME to my credit card company, who just penalized me for paying my bill TOO EARLY by raising my interest rate from 10% to 30%.

BITE ME to the 40lb of flub that i've accumulated over the past 5 years.

BITE ME to my damn cat that won't shut up!

BITE ME to my underpaying job.

BITE ME to my sister who can't figure out WTH she's doing with this wedding of hers that's supposed to happen in 8mo and won't return my emails or calls. i'm sure she's busy and i know it's selfish of me, but dammit i have to make plans for this!

BITE ME to whatever company owns the medical patent for yaz, because the price goes up every month! and on a related note, BITE ME to my wicked PMS.

BITE ME to home depot, who apparently won't let you us their gift cards on their website. we got a $25 gift card for christmas, and the nearest one is 2.5 hours away in iron mountain. there's NOTHING in iron mountain! i'm not driving 2.5 hours just for home depot!

BITE ME to my dentist, who tells me i need to get these cavities taken care of before they become serious, but can't seem to get me in for two months.

BITE ME to DH, who just threw a monkey wrench in the gears of our near future plans just as he was getting me used to planning ahead. also, because it's like pulling teeth getting him to help me with the chores around here.

BITE ME to the -2*F weather we're having. related to that, BITE ME to the long winter that i seem to be tiring of about a month early.

that felt good.

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Thu, 01-15-2009 - 10:20pm

Ok, here goes...

BITE ME to my boss, whom I'm