:(:(:(My cat is missing :(:(:(

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:(:(:(My cat is missing :(:(:(
Sun, 05-29-2005 - 12:08pm

I can't believe this because his brother disappeared at the beginning of March! I am so upset. I loooooooooooove my kitties. I was devestated when Simon went missing in March. I called everywhere; shelters(I even dropped pictures off), vets. The only call I ever got was from one of the shelters saying they had a DEAD cat come in from my area the night he went missing (I went and looked and it wasn't him).

NOW Max is gone too! I just can't believe this! Max is my 'baby' cat. He never went far from home and only went out to use the washroom. I saw him last Wednesday morning (the day BEFORE my birthday!) and he was hanging around during the day outside because it was a really nice, warm, sunny day. I feel so bad and quilty. I feel like such a bad furmommy! I had the Landlord come and open his shed because he had it opened on Wednesday to go on our roof looking for leaks so I thought maybe he ran in while LL wasn't looking. But there was no sign.

Since Simon went missing we decided we could get a 'friend' for Max so when s/o's sister's cat had kittens I put my claim on one right away. Now the kitten is almost old enough to come to it's new home and Max is GONE!!!

Please send some vibes that I get him back! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

EDIT: I posted this WAY earlier. It's 830pm here now. My MIL was saying she's been hearing crying early in the morning (she gets up really early) when the window was open but it sounded far away and she keeps hoping it's him. She told S/o today that she hears it now so s/o ran out and listened and heard him IN THE SHED! So, the LL came and opened it and again NO SIGN. We figure the door must have scared him... It's a packed shed so s/o somehow squashed his way to the end and Max ran out!! He ran into the woods behind our house and I was afraid that he would run too far.. s/o made me come in the house and a few minutes later he was at the door!!!! So, he's sitting on my lap now getting LOTS of LOVE! OH I'm so happy.

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Sun, 05-29-2005 - 10:29pm

YAYYYYYY! Thank goodness your furbaby is back in your arms again! They are part of the family for sure, aren't they! ;-)

I'm so happy you have a happy ending to your story.

Michelle (Mom to furbaby kitty too!)

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Mon, 05-30-2005 - 9:02am

He's soaking up the extra love. LOL! If he hadn't have come home then getting my new kitten would have been bitter sweet since the whole point in getting a new kitten was for a buddy for him. Him and Simon were from the same litter so they were never alone. Since Simon has been missing he has been extra friendly (and clingy)... He's always been a vocal cat but even worse (we didn't think it was possible) since he's been an only cat!

He is seemingly fine for being stuck in a shed with no food or water for about 5 days! He's a little bonier then before and he was super hungry which wasn't a surprise.

So, hopefully he takes to his new kitty friend when we get her soon (I got a FEMALE kitten so he'd adjust better). She is all black and I have a small little list of names to pick from when she is here for a few days (I'm thinking JINXY)

I'm so happy to have my little kitty home, especially after losing his brother a few months ago. I was more worried about Max because Simon was always the friendly type and he had no fear of people so it's very likely that he went and sat on someone's step and got taken in, plus, he kept getting his collar off. Max is really paranoid and really only likes a select few people (mostly just me).

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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 10:47am
Happy to hear he's home safe & sound.


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