preconception visits

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preconception visits
Wed, 04-17-2013 - 2:59pm

Has anyone had a preconception visit with their doctor or are you planning on having one?  I had my annual appointment a couple of months ago, and I didn't bring up TTC.  I was wondering if I need to schedule an appt before we start TTC or if my last one would cover it.  Also, have you started taking prenatals yet?

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Wed, 04-17-2013 - 8:09pm

I think it is a personal preference. It is a good idea to start prenatals when you are trying because we always want to give our little ones the best chance possible. =] But i have never had a visit with the OB before hand

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Thu, 04-25-2013 - 8:17am

If you're healthy with no concerns I don't think a separate pre-ttc visit is necessary.  I had an appointment to refill a BP med that I take so I asked then if the med was safe and the doctor said it should be but they would switch me just in case when I get a positive test.

I didn't take prenatals in advance with DD (surprise baby) but I don't think there would be any harm taking them early.

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Sun, 08-18-2013 - 2:17pm

Yes - last time I had my annual I requested a midwife and preconception counseling. Basically she just asked me questions about general health - and I'm very healthy other than being overweight, so we talked about how much weight I should try to lose. And I asked her some questions about the hospital she practices at, how the labor & delivery shifts work, how pregnancy appointments work at her practice, etc. And I asked her about IUD removal and how that works, is it painful, etc. (She said it's less painful than having it inserted, if at all.) She gave me a packet of pgcy info.