And I want to do it all over again - Why

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And I want to do it all over again - Why
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 2:17pm
Last night DS (almost 3) was up all night he had a high fever out of the blue that started around 3:30 yesterday. The only way to get Tylenol down him was kicking and screaming at 1 am. Needless to say today I'm beat. DH of course got to sleep all he wanted and then sleep until 9 am this morning because he took a vacation day. I was up at 6 am.

DH says you know if we have a baby this is what you'll have to go through again. I know. Am I nuts? I love my sleep way too much. Actually though if you know it's coming you can handle being sleep deprived.

Anyway... I told DH Yes I do want to be sleep deprived all over again. Besides it ususally subsides after a couple of months. At least it did with DS.


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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 4:58pm
I have not been there, but I can believe the reason we want to do it all over again is because the joy they bring is much bigger than the lack of sleep! (and all those other negative things :-D)

And, you have all this love you want to share with another little one!!



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