Any pressure from your parents?

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Any pressure from your parents?
Tue, 08-13-2013 - 5:23pm

I was curious if anyone was getting pressure from their parents to have a baby?  How do you react to it? 

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Sun, 08-18-2013 - 2:21pm

A little bit, but not too much. My MIL has made some comments about how our nephew needs a playmate, and she did kind of cross the line by saying "By the time he has a cousin he'll be old enough to babysit!" On the other hand, I really want to start trying, so I can't disagree with her even though it was a little rude.

My mom, on the other hand, has been hinting that she is ready to be a grandma, but no pressure. Plus she knows I want a baby and we've talked about it. She'll be thrilled when we do but would never bug us about it.