APRIL Roll Call!

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APRIL Roll Call!
Fri, 04-01-2011 - 11:57am
Hi everyone! Please let me know if you're on the board this month! Lurkers welcome as well, but I encourage you to start a new intro thread!

-Name, SO, ages: Victoria, 29 and DH, 42
-Where do you live? Canada
-Any kids? None yet
-Pets? One cat
-WTT reasons? Start saving money again, lose more weight
-How are you doing with your WTT goals? I need to be stricter with my diet as I have just been maintaining. I have been trimming our budget, but we need more income...
-When are you WTT? Hopefully soon! We haven't decided yet.
-What are you doing for Easter? Probably have dinner with my family.
-Add any questions!

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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 10:21am

-Name, SO, ages: E, 29 and S, 37
-Where do you live? Virginia
-Any kids? None yet - but S has 2 from a previous marriage
-Pets? One cat here too :)
-WTT reasons? Not ready yet - getting married in September, need better jobs and more income, want to move in the future to a city we both love more than our current one, need better cars, and the list goes on ...
-How are you doing with your WTT goals? As well as I can - the wedding will get here eventually, can't change jobs or move before then
-When are you WTT? No idea right now. September 2011 at the earliest, or sometime in 2012 or 2013 ... stay tuned! ;)
-What are you doing for Easter? No plans yet, not a big holiday for us


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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 3:14pm

-Name, SO, ages: Michelle 30, Brian 29

-Where do you live? Mississippi

-Any kids? 2 girls, ages almost 9 and 7

-Pets? 3 dogs

-WTT reasons? To get finances in order

-How are you doing with your WTT goals? We got ourselves in a debt management thing

-When are you WTT? We decided to wait til May, but who knows.

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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 5:27pm

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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 5:34pm
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Sun, 04-03-2011 - 6:49pm

Yes, I actually do have a Wii Fit with the Wii Board, that is what I weigh myself on weekly---- had the program since January of last year, and have gained 30 pounds since then! LOL....but

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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 9:10am
-Name, SO, ages: Amy Lynn 30, DH Ethan 31

-Where do you live? Minnesota

-Any kids? 2 boys, Bryan 12 years old, Wyatt 10 months old

-Pets? One cat and three dogs

-WTT reasons? We are waiting until after Wyatt's first birthday.

-How are you doing with your WTT goals? NOT WELL. LOL I am having a hard time waiting until June to TTC again. I have been eating like crap and drinking far to much Redbull.

-When are you WTT? June 2011 ... if I can hold out that long

-What are you doing for Easter? I don't know yet. This is the first holiday that I have had off since Wyatt was born and I returned to work. So I am not really sure what we will do.
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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 11:31am

-Name, SO, ages: Jenny 30, James 27 (but only for 2 more months haha, then he'll be 28)
-Where do you live? NYC
-Any kids? None yet
-Pets? A parrot, he's a dusky conure named Kevin and he's 4
-WTT reasons? Hoping to move this summer into a bigger apartment or buy a house
-How are you doing with your WTT goals? we are fine, just kind of waiting for the market to pick back up a little so we can at least get our money back since we own our apartment.

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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 2:01pm

-Name, SO, ages:

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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 10:11pm
-Since this month is Earth Day, what do you do for your part in helping our planet?
Well. . . we use cloth diapers on Simon and clean them with Charlie's soap and vinegar. we also use vinegar around the house for as much as possible. We compost anything we can, we use the clothes line during the summer, we garden and I hope to have something to can this year. And we reuse about anything we can container wise and use cloth bags when we remember. Oh and used clothing for little man for sure!

I agree I normally pick up borax at Walmart. But I love Charlie's better then doing the home made soap thing.



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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 10:12pm
-Add any questions! Does your SO's TTC timeline line up with yours?
pretty close to it. Its altered quite a bit since we first started dating. Right now for TTC 2 we have a rough date just playing it by ear.