August roll call

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August roll call
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 2:35am
So since there is no leader for the board, it has become stale with no new posts. So come on ladies let's get this board kickin!! Let's make this board THE place to be. So I'm going to start an August roll call. It's been a while for one of these so go ahead and reintroduce yourself. :smileyhappy: From here on out don't be afraid to post about anything. A rant or rave, questions, thoughts, silliness, whatever! We all on our Facebook or twitters sharing everything why not here?

Any children
Wtt date
Reason for wtt
How long
Wtt goals
Any other info you want to add

I'm Cat married to DH for 7 years
I'm 31 (32 on Christmas eve) and DH is 33
We have a dd who is 3 1/2. Took 13 months to get preggo with her and the age of 35 is not far off for me. :smileysad:
We are wtt until we get our Disney trip in march out of the way. DH doesn't want me to be pregnant while having to walk all over in the heat. Yes march is hot in Florida. I live here I know. Sad huh!!
We have been wtt for about 3 months so far
One goal is to try to get some bills paid. The car is so close to being paid off and that alone frees up nearly $400 a month! I also shop/volunteer at the Simi annual mom 2 mom resale so I'm going to sloooowly start buying things at the sales. One next month then one in march. I'm just too eager I can't wait!!
I started temping this month so I have clear charts of the upcoming months so that that spermy and eggy can meet ASAP. It took 13 months to conceive dd. It seems as tho DH has started not preventing *wink wink which is very not like him so I'm hoping I'll get lucky sooner than later

How about you ladies?
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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 10:09am

I'll bite :smileyhappy:

Name: Katie 
Age: 28
Any children: DD (4)
WTT date: About next April

Reason for WTT: A whole multitude.  Getting out of debt, waiting for deployment to be over, lifestyle changes...
How long: We haven't really been in the mindset of having another child.  My birth control is long term (up next April) and we wanted to be sure DH would be off the deployment cycles before bringing another child into the mix.  

WTT goals: The big one is just getting this deployment done  While he's gone we'll be able to reach our financial goals and I should be able to get back into a regular exercise habit. 

Any other info: Nothing really comes to mind.  I hope the board can become more active again.  I know I haven't posted much and I hope to change that.


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Sun, 08-12-2012 - 12:24pm

Name: Erin, DH is John
Age: Both 29
Any children: Not yet
Wtt date:  We've tentatively discussed possibly starting to TTC next summer, but with an unstable job and financial situation that could change. 
Reason for wtt:  never seeming to have enough money, me working two jobs and needing a less crazy schedule, weight loss, and trying to cope with my mom's recent unexpected death.  I always expected her to be a huge part of my life during pregnancy and as a new mom and I need to be in a better place with everything emotionally before we TTC.  Right now I feel like I would just be so focused on how she's not here and is missing everything, and that it would be more painful than joyful for me.  I need some time to accept and make peace with this. 
How long:  Possibly an other year?  We are feeling the clock ticking though. 
Wtt goal: Lose about another 20 pounds...I had been doing really well with weight watchers before everything happened with my mom...I really got derailed and lost my motivation and have gained back about 10 pounds that I lost.  Still about 22 away from my pre-TTC goal weight at this point.  We also want to get some remodeling work done on our house, work on our finances


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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 10:58pm

Hi everyone,

This is not really a roll call but more of a goodbye. This is cycle #1 for us TTC #2 so I won't be posting here for the time being. Will still peek in every once in awhile for your updates though! GL to everyone!

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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 11:50am
Sending you lots of baby dust, Christine!

Names: Victoria and DH
Ages: 31 & 43
Any children: No
Wtt date: Unknown
Reason for wtt: Lose weight, save money

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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 9:55pm

Name: Morgan and DF AJ

Age: 23 tomorrow

Any children: DSD Halley 8, DS Maximilian almost 14 months

Wtt date: ? at this point, would love TTC date to be this December/January, but more likely will be late 2013

Reason for wtt: We want to buy a house (we're renting currently), we need to get married (can't zip my dress lol), get rid of baby weight plus some (so I can zip up my dress), would like to buy a new car. Also want to go back to school for RN (I'm an LPN now so it'd be a 1 year program and I hope to start it in January). Most of these things we are planning on happening by December, but I find out in October if I will be able to start RN program in January. It's not too big of deal if I would have to take a semester off next fall, so that's what I'm tentatively planning on. I really want there to be less than a 3 year gap between Max and the next one.

How long: have we been waiting? Oh, I think I got bitten by the baby bug again about 2 months ago when a coworker had her baby and brought him around.

Wtt goals: lose weight (both DF and I are trying to focus on this)

Any other info you want to add: Just hopping back in to WTT after being mainly on WTTG the past couple years. Also, one of my BFFs just got married and they were going to TTC ASAP so I really would like to be pregnant with her this time around.