Baby blues: Hits again!

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Baby blues: Hits again!
Wed, 04-22-2009 - 4:59pm

I'm a lurker on this board and have posted a few post...

DH and i where supposed to start trying this past January but decided to hold off until we are more financially stable.

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Thu, 04-23-2009 - 1:22am

hi rebecca,

sounds like a frustrating situation, esp after already doing a ttc countdown.

i have the baby blues today too. my coworker is due june and is huge! i am taking a mat leave for her for a year, so i have to wait to ttc until the winter.
also, my sitter just told me that she is pregnant. it wasn't planned, but she had agreed to adding more hours and committed to the next 1.5 years of care for my daughter. she was pregnant at the time but chose not to tell me! now i don't know what to do about childcare now.

babies everywhere it seems. at least we know that we will be there at some point soon. i just keep focused on all the things i can do with my daughter as my only child. including sleep!

:) Jese
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Thu, 04-23-2009 - 3:29am

Hi Rebecca!

Sorry that the wait is hitting you hard- I definitely understand. I have basically gone from anytime in fall is OK since I want a summer baby to, who cares if the baby is born in winter- lets start! LOL

I hope that the last few months waiting here with us fly by:)


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Thu, 04-23-2009 - 2:37pm

I hear you! It's hard to wait when you know you have to take care of other things beforehand so you have the best pregnancy without stress etc.

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Sat, 04-25-2009 - 10:39pm

Yes, its alot harder when you have babies all around you. Thankfully I'm not in that situation but I can imagine how I would react to that!

Sounds like you have alot of good reasons to wait and some for just letting fate take control. These are such hard decisions, aren't they???

Welcome to the board,


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Tue, 04-28-2009 - 11:24am

I'm right there with you.