Baby Step (sorry, never here on Tues!)

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Baby Step (sorry, never here on Tues!)
Sat, 05-29-2004 - 5:31pm
Hi there,

Just had to let you know, after four years on and off posting, that I took a major baby step. I had my yearly physical (which I had put off for 12 years because I had no insurace. Doc was not happy about the long time between Paps!).

Anyway, we talked about the fact that DH and I are thinking of ttc in the next six months. I apparently have some sort of reflux problem (get get to have an endoscopy. Yah!), so I am on Nexium. I forgot at my initial appointment to ask about MMR shot and if I needed one until after they had done a blood draw. When I went for my follow-up, doc wrote me a script for the Nexium for four months. He said when I come back for a refill he will do the blood draw to see if I already have the antibodies (or whatever) or if I will need another vaccination. He will also put me on prenatals at that time.

I really like this doc. However, he does family practice and does not deliver babies (malpractice insurance is too high). He will have an OB joining his practice in the fall. Other than that, he did not have recommendations for a specific doctor or midwife. He did not want to recommend a large practice because he said then I would end up with "doctor du jour" delivering my baby. So, does anyone have any suggestions for looking for a midwife or OB? I do not have any friends locally who have children, and most aren't even seriously thinking of trying yet. Any suggestions for finding someone would be appreciated.

I can't believe we are getting this close to trying. Oh, BTW-- my inlaws came over for a picnic last weekend and suggested we start trying while we have medical insurance. (I am the insured in our family, and my current job ends next August. My DH has a grreat job, but no benefits. His current job ends in December (maybe). Sounds kind of scary, but we will both be able to find jobs; its just a matter of whether or not we will have health care while I am not working). This is the first time my inlaws have really said anything about us having kids!

Happy (and already getting kind of nervous),


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Wed, 06-02-2004 - 1:35pm

Feel free to post a baby step any time! I wrote back a couple days ago, and again it didn't post. Hrmph!

Well that's fantastic that you got your check up! I hope your doctor lectured you!! :) One of my friends (who's 24 or 25) went in for a pap a year ago and it came back abnormal - so you don't have to be older to have things like that happen! I'm done now.

I really have no suggestions to help you find an OB or midwife.


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