Been MIA....notes inside :-D

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Been MIA....notes inside :-D
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 4:06pm
Hi all! I have been out of things for the past week....with the holiday and then the flu, then a few busy days, but I'm back :-D Looks like I missed quite a bit!

theraptor: your story about the pre-natals was hilarious! And, I didn't know that about zinc...might have to work that into my DH's diet :-D

Laney: good for you on your date! I've heard that too about being regular right after going off the pill and irregular a while later.....good luck to you, and hopefully it happens naturally soon!!!

JenP: I hate vivid dreams too! that one would be BAD to have!! :-D

Sarah: hope you have(had) a good weekend :-D

Penny: congruatulations and GOOD LUCK!!!

The Other Jenny: :-D Welcome to the board! Hope you find it as helpful in your wait as I have! I think I've been here since October, and we're hoping to try in August too :-D We're going off the pill on May 31, only 37 more days (I'm not counting or anything!) :-D

Queenie: this is just a {hug} for having the inlaws you do :-D Decisions about school and family should be between you and DH, and anyone else you WANT to invite into the conversation. Not for those who want to invite themselves....{hug}

Bridget: Welcome! I too was a nanny....I loved it! Gave me my "kid" time before my own baby time was anywhere close to being here! :-D Hope you enjoy the board!

Kristen: congrats on setting the month! Having things set in stone are always a nice feeling!

Laura: Welcome to the board! Sorry to hear you and DH are in different places on baby subject, but hopefully things will work out for you both. Sometimes the waiting is easier than you think it will be, other times an hour feels like a week. Hopefully your wait with the board will help all the time go quicker than you think! :-D

I believe I caught up with all the new news :-D Nothing much new here. Just counting down the days until our pre-conception visit and going off the pill!! whoo hoo! We are visiting 2 sets of friends Saturday with new baby it'll be a baby-ful day. I'm going to be baby fevering somewhat crazy come Sunday! ;-D



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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 5:31pm
Welcom back! Sorry you had the flu- that's no fun. Hope you had a nice holiday though. It's so sweet of you to address everyone individually! When is your pre-conception visit again?

Have fun visiting your friends and don't get baby fever TOO bad!


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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 9:57pm
Whew, you said a mouthful! Thanks for the well wishes! It was great! Nice to see you here!