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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 3:59pm
This is actually the last tip I posted, but I want to point out that this works GREAT. Open the board and ask for outline view. Resize the outline view so that the window is the top 1/3 to 1/2 of your screen. Close the folder view and click on any post in the outline view. When it shows up, resize it to the bottom portion of your screen that is not covered by the outline view.

Why? This allows you to read the messages in outline form, which is more familiar, but the messages won't float unless or until you refresh the outline (which you can do by hitting F5, btw). To work with it this way, just click on the link on the outline view for what you want to read. It'll show on the bottom half of your screen and you'll never lose your spot on the outline. When you finish reading/responding, just go back up to the outline and continue down the page. You'll never have to hit the back button or anything on the bottom half...just use it for reading and posting. The outline won't change regardless of which posts are floating in "real time" if it's not refreshed, so the board won't move until you close that window. I'm repeating myself, but this is SO much easier and actually makes the board feel normal to me since I don't have to find my way back down to my spot on the outline and the posts don't move each time I reply to one. Give it a shot, and ask questions if I'm not making sense!