Doubt anyone remembers me now! (LONG)

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Doubt anyone remembers me now! (LONG)
Sun, 05-02-2004 - 8:09pm
I have been a member on and off for four years or so. I am STILL waiting, but thought I'd drop in with an update.

I graduated law school last year (and haven't been here since!). I passed the bar and work for a state Supreme Court Justice. Its a ton of work. Some days I like it, others not so much. My dh is also a lawyer, but he does not practice. He found the coolest job working with foster care kids.

We bought a house-- one of our goals, since we and our two furbabies were living in a small apartment style-condo. We were tired of having to take them down four flights to go outside, and didn't think adding a baby would be much fun. Our house is incredible. Its big and the people who lived here before us took great care of it and the yard. I have beautiful flower gardens I check every morning for new colors before going to work.

The idea was that we would pay off our bills and start trying. I was planning on continuing to work. That seems completely unfeasible for me right now. So, a small change in plans. I would now like to stay at home for the first few years. Leaving the workforce and then jumping back in a few years down the road scares me, but I don't think it will be that bad. (Honestly, everything scares me. I am a worrywort!) The only problem with that plan is that I am the one with health insurance. While DH has a great job and is incredibly happy doing it (one of the reasons he will continue to work and I will stay home), he works for a non-profit organization that does not provide health care coverage. There are a few places we can purchase it, but it will not be economically workable with only one income.

Anyhow, after years of waiting I am starting to get antsy. The plan is to start trying this fall. I will be pg while in the second year of my job (which is only a two year gig). My DH's job will end soon after that, but he will be in the position to find a similar job (with benefits). We can deal with COBRA for a few months.

So, next on our to-do list: getting full physicals (neither of us have had one in years), and continuing to take care of some credit card and other debt we've carried through school. (This will be much easier now-- we've been carrying two mortages since Oct when we bought our house, but we finally got a renter for the condo). Getting in shape physically is a goal too. We'll see how well that one goes!

Making it easier and harder, I have a beautiful little niece who just turned one. She's fantastic fun (and a TON of work).

Anyway, I hope to be around at least a little more often. I dropped by a few times and there was no one posting. This used to be such a hopping place! I see we have a new CL who plans on getting the engines running! I hope I can stop by to see lots of chatter.

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Mon, 05-03-2004 - 3:17pm
Hi Lisa

You know, I do kind of remember your name and the law school subject. I've been here two years, with a mini break last year. Still here, still waiting. I'm currently an undergrad and I intend on going to either graduate school for my Ph.D. or med school when I'm done. I do plan on having one kiddo while still an undergrad, just have to get to get "ready."

Congratulations on your new job and also on your new home! I bet that must be such a relief to have made it to that point. I also think its so cool that your hubby, with a law degree, is working with a non profit. I worked with one last year and loved it. The people are so great and it's so wonderful being able to help other people.

One of my number one goals is to lose weight before trying. I want to be a sexy pregnant lady! :) I know, all pregnant women are sexy, but... well, I'm sure you know what I mean.

We're still finishing paying off bills, which has been a great relief. Almost out of debt aside from car payment and eventually student loans. We want to be financially secure (or at least *mostly*).

Hope to see you around more! I will try my darndest to keep this board running.


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