everyone says I'm too young..

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everyone says I'm too young..
Sun, 08-07-2011 - 5:09pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm 21 and getting married next month. Some of my close friends tell me I am an old lady trapped in a girls body but mostly everyone just tells me that I am "too young"... (I have to say it gets a little old after a while).

I know there are more of you out there around my age going through the same thing so I was hoping to find some of you and maybe we could support eachother and help one another out!

WTT is killing me and I feel a little awkward when I read all these post for women in their late 20's and early 30's...

PLEASE reply!

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Sat, 08-13-2011 - 10:32am

Thanks for all of the thoughts and comments...it helps a lot! I guess it will just never cease to amaze me know nosy and criticizing the rest of the world is, lol! No matter what you do someone will always have something to say about it...you know?!

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Sat, 08-13-2011 - 11:11am
PS: Does anyone have the link to the official board post with all the abbreviations? I found it when I started last week but sill me didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it anywhere!!
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Sun, 08-14-2011 - 7:50am

I'm kind a of a flyby poster on here when I can but wow did your thread remind me of me 6 years ago...

I got married at 20, I also got the "You're too young, WTH were you thinking?!" spiel.

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Mon, 08-15-2011 - 12:56pm
I am not sure what post you mean, but here are a few abbreviations:

DH: Dear Husband
DF: Dear Fiance
DS: Dear son
DD: Dear daughter
DSS: Dear step-son
DSD: Dear step-daughter
WTT: Waiting to try
NTNP: Not trying not preventing
FWIW: For what it's worth

I hope this helps!

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Wed, 08-17-2011 - 2:12pm
I never felt that I was "too young" because most people around here (and I say most people because most that I am related to, or went to school with...) have all had planned babies between the ages of 18 and 22.
We started trying for our first when I was 19, DH was 17... now I am going on 24, DH is 22, we have a nearly 4 year old DS, a 17 month old DD, and now trying for #3... Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up this month on the 25th!
I say to ignore the "too young" comments... they aren't living your life, you are. :)

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Mon, 08-29-2011 - 11:17am

When you are ready, you are ready.

I had my older kids (planning on more now) when I was several years younger than you. People are well meaning when they tell you that you are too young, it's just none of their business. (and it doesn't get better because now that I am 'older' I am hearing "Oh my GOD!! You're having MORE??, WHY?)

Someone will ALWAYS say something. If you know you are ready and you can handle it then that's all you need.

People are constantly changing but more so in your early 20s than early 30s. I guess a lot of people just couldn't imagine doing what you want to do.

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Mon, 09-12-2011 - 5:24am

Well, I am one of those women in her early thirties.

Expecting baby #1 August 8th 2012! It's a girl!
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Mon, 09-12-2011 - 5:29am
It is a "social circle" thing. I grew up and have only ever lived in big cities. No one I know even talks about marriage until they are in their late twenties or thirties. My husband's family mostly live in small towns and all get married before they are 23! The first time I met his family, we were dating and both in our late 20's and attending his cousin's wedding. We were sat at the "unmarried" table. It was us and a bunch of high school and college kids!
Expecting baby #1 August 8th 2012! It's a girl!
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Fri, 09-16-2011 - 10:31pm

Hey Guys!

Finally getting to come back to the boards after all of the wedding maddness! We're finally married...yay!! :smileyhappy:

I wanted to thank all of you again for your posts...I can't help but smile when I get on and read the boards - it just feels so good to know we're all in the same boat, we all understand one another, and we're all there for eachother!

We haven't even come close to setting a date yet but not too long before we got married we had my yearly checkup with my cardiologist and briefly talked to him about pregnancy and he referred us to a high-risk OB. So I guess that's our next step...setting up an appointment with the OB just to kind of get a basline of everything and start planning from there.

Anyone else outthere with a heart condition who's WTT, TTC, has had children already, etc? I could sure use a buddy to chat with about that...

Have A Great Weekend All!

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Sat, 09-17-2011 - 10:38pm
I dont have a heart condition but i do have high blood pressure.

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