Finally here with a set TTC date!

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Finally here with a set TTC date!
Tue, 12-28-2010 - 5:46pm

Hello everyone...there are still some familiar faces and some new ones. I have been around off and on for about 5 years and finally am here with an actual TTC date. I can't believe it is actually going to happen!

I am Jaime, 33 and DH is Robert, 34. We have been married for 5.5 years. We pretty much have everything in place that we wanted done before TTC and are getting ready to take the plunge! Yay!

So DH has been a lot more open on talking about having a baby recently, like for the last couple of months. He mentioned something about whether we should use the flexible spending account because one of our friends was talking about it... So I finally got up the nerve (all previous conversations about actual dates ended badly) to ask about where he stands with starting a family. He asked me to back-calculate from when I would like the child to be born...I told him it is not so much about when I want to have the baby but that I was thinking it would be appropriate to start when we go on vacation at the end of February...I calculated and I will actually be ovulating during our vacation. He just said that was about what he was thinking! So I am so excited and only have a couple of months to work on getting about 10 pounds taken off, get to the dentist and make sure that I am getting the appropriate vitamins.

I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 2:35pm
Hi Jaime, welcome back to the board! How exciting that you have a TTC date! I'm so happy for you that DH has been so much more open to talk to!

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 5:30pm
Yay! Thats great that you finally have a date. You must be so excited. We've a date for TTC #2 but its not till after July 22nd. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.
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