Hello! Can I join the fun?

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Hello! Can I join the fun?
Tue, 02-24-2009 - 1:36am

I'm from the Aug 08 discussion board. My baby, Allie was born Aug 11th. I haven't decided yet when / how old I'd like Allie to be before we start trying for #2. DH and I want at least 4 kids, and I don't see why not have them close together. He's been telling me that Allie wants a baby brother for months now. She's just abouy 7 months old. I told him wait till she's 6 months old first so my body could heal from all that childbirth and such... lol. Well for the past two months I've been thinking about it. We use the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning, so I've been charting since before we were married (took one try to concieve the first time!). But I'm breastfeeding now, almost exclusively (just a few bites of cereal and veggies here and there). AF twice... not regularly, and not ovulating with both cycles. Here's what's got me really thinking... and wanting to ttc....

Saturday when I got to work, one of my fav. co-workers, Natalie, infomed me of her newfound fervent desire to quit smoking right now. Because she and her husband are finally going to start trying for a baby! (She longingly asked me absolutely every question known to man throughout my entire pregnancy). She's got her ducks in a row now (minus the smoking thing) and is ready to go for it. She wants to quit within the month to start trying to concieve next month. While she excitedly told me this my other co-worker/former boss, Lisa, (who is now part time like me) told me that she's pregnant again!!! This is all very crazy because just the other night I was thinking to myself, wondering who out of the three of us would be pregnant next. I'm so excited for Lisa, and excited for Natalie to be so close to her goal of being able to try.

I didn't expect to feel... jealous! Wouldn't it be great to be pregnant at the same time as two of your close friends?

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Tue, 02-24-2009 - 12:14pm


Welcome to the board!

-Suzie :)



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Wed, 02-25-2009 - 1:07am

Welcome and congratulations on your baby girl, what a cutie :-)

I am Brianne- 28.


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Thu, 02-26-2009 - 1:13pm

I know what you mean, I have a friend that is pregnant now, and she said she'd "wait" on me, lol, we'll see how that goes.