Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
Wed, 10-08-2008 - 11:29pm
Hello everyone. My name is Amy (32) and my dh Dave (32) have been married for 5 years. We have a 2-year-old and we've been thinking about having another one for the longest time. I'm also guilty of lurking around, but never really posted because dh and I could never decide when we wanted to try for another one. Dh actually wanted one sooner rather than later, but I really wanted to enjoy my first child before I had another one. Now that we've officially decided to try for a second baby in the spring 2009, I can't wait to get to know everyone here!
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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 7:02am

Hi Amy!!

I'm glad you decided to start posting as we love having new WTT'ers waiting with us. I'm Ashley, 22, engaged to Thomas, 27, and am probably waiting until summer of 2010. I can definitely understand wanting to spend some one on one time with your first child before having baby number two.

If you are interested in adding a WTT image to your siggie this link leads you to our post awards.

If you would like a ticker counting down the days these two websites are the most popular.

Finally if you need help figuring out how to actually get the images into your siggie this page should be able to get you started. If you need more help just let me know:)



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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 2:23pm

Howdy Amy! I'm Cassie (25) my DH is Matt (25). We have been married just over 2 years. We spent our first year of marriage in two different countries. He was deployed to Iraq 11 days after we tied the knot. We now live in Montana. He is going to college and I start training for my new job next week. We hope to start TTC in August 2009. DH would like to have one during the summer time so he has a bit of time before classes start again. Though we talked about maybe start earlier since we will now have insurance with my new job. Just wait and see how things go. For right now we have two furkids.

Welcome to the board. Jump right in there are always discussions going on. Feel free to ask anything



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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 6:24pm

Welcome, Amy!

-Suzie :)



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Fri, 10-10-2008 - 7:36am

Thanks for the warm welcome girls!!! I'm so excited to be here and yes I hope to be TTC buddies with you. :)

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Fri, 10-10-2008 - 2:24pm

Welcome Amy!

I'm Christine (29) and my DH is 32. We have been married for 18 months and will be TTC #1 in May so I'll be there right along with ya! DH and I are both in grad school right now (plus working FT - craziness!) so that's why we're putting off TTC until May.

I have a friend who has a 14 month old and is due with her second in January. I think she's nuts but she said she wanted them close so she got her wish! Of course she's the kind of gal that has perfect pregnancies and easy labors. DH and I are not sure how