Hey there! Nice to meet you!

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Hey there! Nice to meet you!
Mon, 11-17-2008 - 9:11pm

Hey Ladies,

Just got married last month, October 18, best day of my life!!! I never thought I would be this way; DH and I had it all planned out. We would wait for 3 or 4 years before TTC, but ever since we got married, I have been hot hot hot with baby fever. Everytime I bring it up, he acts like I'm just joking, but I'm not!!!! He's 24 and I'm almost 23, but neither of us have any sort of career going and we have no money and some debt, credit card and he owes on his car. Of course, I want to be in a certain place before I bring a child into this world, such as have a house and a great career and a savings account, but if we wait until all that criteria is fulfilled, who knows how long we will be waiting?

Both of our parents are against us having kids, we need to "spend more time together and get to know each other." We have been together for almost 4 years, we know each other very well! But I guess it's our life, not our parents.

So yesterday, I was on the internet and found that a woman's fertility decreases at age 24. I told this to DH and it got him thinking, so I think we are going to start trying on my birthday next year (when I turn 24 on December 28, 2009). Yay!

I just need some support to get me all the way there! I've read a couple of your posts and I think I've come to the right place for support!!!!!

Nice to meet you!!!!

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Mon, 11-17-2008 - 11:19pm

Hey Becki,

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Tue, 11-18-2008 - 1:18am

Hi Becky,


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Tue, 11-18-2008 - 11:41am

Welcome, Becky!

Congratuations on your wedding!

-Suzie :)



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Tue, 11-18-2008 - 1:15pm

Hi Becky!

I'm Megan (24) and my DH is Jason (26). We just got married on the first of this month! :) We are planning on TTC in about 2-3 years. Congrats on your marriage and welcome!


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Wed, 11-19-2008 - 12:53pm

Hi Becky! Welcome to the group!

I'm Christine (29) and my DH is 32. We have been together for 6 1/2 years and have been married for almost 2 years. I have to tell you because no one told me, the first year of marriage is the hardest. The second year is going so much more smoothly and we're really more in-tune with one another as a married couple and now feeling ready to TTC.

I know it sounds hokey when your parents and IL's tell you to "enjoy some time alone together" but I think it really does make a difference, even if you've been together for awhile. DH and I lived together for 2 years before getting married and I thought, "oh, this will be cake...we've been together for so long and already living together...how hard could marriage be?" I can't explain it but for us, there was a difference between living together as bf/gf and H/W.

DH and I both went back to grad school this year so by the time we start TTC and have our first (if all goes according to plan), I will be 31 and DH will be 34. Yes, your prime fertility is in your 20's but that doesn't mean you're S.O.L. if you wait until your 30's.

Enjoy married live, get your finances in order, and good luck!

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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 8:39am

Hi Becky! Uh-oh, I think we must be twins in another universe. My name is also Becki (with an i) and I'm almost 23 as well. My birthday is Nov 28. I've been married just over a year, and my DH is 24.

Currently we're talking about waiting until March of 2010 to start trying; that's our tentative date for now. We're closing on a house today!

I came up with that TTC date because I thought 25 would be a good age to have our first baby, so I calculated the earliest time we could TTC and have the baby after I turned 25. It's a tentative date (I assume it's the earliest he'd want to start) but it helps me for now to plan accordingly in my head. I need plans to make decisions around, such as what jobs to take, etc.

I don't really know if or how we'll be able to afford a baby in 2010, but we'll see when we get there if it's feasible. I'm hoping that with a combination of promotions and finding freelance work, we could find a way. Ever since I got married, my body has screamed "baby now!" every month. I don't think that feeling's going to go away, but it sure helps to hang out with people on this board who understand and don't think you're crazy.

Oh, and my brother's name is Colin. I thought that was funny. :-)

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Tue, 12-02-2008 - 1:27am

P.S. I forgot to say happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday!

Mine's December 28...weird! We really must be twins on an alternate universe!

It's so nice to meet you, and I look forward to become your (and everyone's) friend!