Hi Chelle!

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Hi Chelle!
Sun, 04-25-2004 - 2:30am
I'm Melissa. I haven't been around here much lately and have only posted a little bit. (I am a homeschooling mom and student myself, so...the "time thing" plays a big part!) Anyway, I kind of feel like I'm butting in... ;o) I just wanted to say, "Hello!"...and tell you that you are my inspiration! I was also "oh so in love" (still am) and married my sweetheart young (20). We're going on nine happy years now and the sparks still fly, no doubt! LOL! My DH and I have three children. We have always longed for a big family (five?...Maybe six?) for various reasons. Right now, we are both putting ourselves through school (no outside help/support) and he works very hard FT hours, plus has a second side job. He's amidst a drastic career change and I'm slowly but surely working toward finishing what I started the year I graduated from HS! ;o) We're both going into health care (him-radiology/nuc med; and, me-occ. therapy). I'm in no rush, however, as I am a SAH'singM first and foremost. (I have played around with the idea of babysitting (watered down daycare, lol) in my home, too. We're temporarily in a condo, though, so would need to move first! ;o) )

Anyway, considering all we've been juggling, we put off ttc again for a bit. We thought we would wait until next year. We 'may' "just see what happens using nothing" this summer now instead, since we struggled through an unexpected two-year bout of secondary infertility ttc our DD. There is already a 4.5-year age gap between our youngest DS and our DD (thanks to the infertility and many incompetent docs). We really don't want her to also have a big gap "under" her if it's at all avoidable. Our boys are best friends (and, admittingly, worst enemies some days, lol..naw...). We would like for our DD to have a sib nearer her age, too. Plus, I have just one course to go before graduating (and have decided to put off furthering my edu until after my DH is through school/settled in his new career). So, that said, "hello" while I am here! If the good Lord would decide to bless us minus the hardships/med intervention of ttc this time, we would be thrilled! I am just around the corner from 30 now and feel like time is beginning to run out on my big family dreams...

Happy Waiting Wishes!!

Melissa, blessed mommy to: DS-6/96; DS-9/98; & DD-2/03 (began ttc#3 4/00)

WTT#4 - 7/04? (...Even this is hard! There are four pg mommies at our small church and my brother and SIL announced they have another on the way... ;o) Hopefully it's "something in the water" *wink, wink* and I'll get pregnant when we ttc quicker than expected, too! Wishful thinking? Only God knows!)

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Sat, 05-01-2004 - 10:21pm

I'm not sure who you were posting to, but just thought I'd jump in and welcome you to the board! It's been rather inactive lately, but if everyone stopping by stays, we can get more action!! :) Don't feel like you're butting in. Pull up a chair and chat for awhile.

I'm Jamie, waiting for number one. I'm in college, working on my undergrad, then go either to graduate school (Ph.D.) or med school (Psychiatrist). So, summer's here and I'm planning on relaxing the next couple of months before I get in over my head with school (just transferred) and try to lose weight before TTC!

DH and I would like 4-5 kids, spaced at least three years apart, so hopefully we'll be trying soon. We plan on having at least two of our own and then going from there and adopting at least two. I've been hanging around here for two years! (I do leave every now and then to get a drink of water though ;))



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Fri, 05-07-2004 - 1:13am
Hi Melissa,

I'm Jen, a little bit of a 'newbie' around here for over a week, and I love it.

My DH & I have been married 5 years in June. I haven't worked in a while b/c I've been dealing with Endometriosis, but that shouldn't effect a pregnancy according to my gyn, since I got diagnosed now instead of later.

I want to have a big family too. At least three. However, I'm 26 going on 27, and DH is 29 almost 30!!! I feel like I'm going to be so old once we start trying for #1, or working on #3. Ugh. The pressure is on. I think we could do it financially, but I have no idea how much to prepare myself for each month/every year (the first year). I am thankful that hospital bills will not be an issue because so much is covered with my husbands insurance. I'm so thankful for that.

I really do understand what it means that we'll never have enough money, but it's important I have 'enough' for basics and can still pay rent/or mortgage. My DH makes a pretty good salary, I think, but then, there's a lot of couples I know that were fine till baby, and now they're selling their house and deep in debt. Hmmm.

I know the Lord will let me know when it's time. I have all faith in Him.

And recently, through prayer, I've found that there are somethings that my hubby and I want to 'venture' like vacations before a baby comes. And I've felt good about that decision, but at the same time, I think, how old will I be after we get to go all those places? Pushing 30??? Won't that be too old to start? Ugh!

If you have any advice for me, I would appreciate it. I know to keep all my trust in Him, and He will lead my path. But in the mean time, it helps to hear from other gals on what made them decide "it's REALLY TIME" (just emphasizing, not shouting)

Thanks for your or anyone who reads this input!

Nice to meet you Melissa & Congrats on your 4 little ones already :)

Jen, 26, & DH, 29, WWT #1