Hi! New here.

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Hi! New here.
Thu, 05-20-2010 - 10:43am

Hi, I have been lurking for awhile now and finally decided to introduce myself. I am 27 and my husband and I are WTT for #1. We are planning on TTC in the fall. I am so eager to talk with people about my plans and emotions, but of course have only shared with my closest friends. We have been married a couple years, recently bought a house, both with relatively stable jobs and income. I am very content with my life right now, but just can't get rid of the baby itch. I feel like my husband and I are both waiting, waiting to start a family, just trying to pass time.
I have hinted about my desire to have a family to my mom, and she has in no uncertain terms told me that she thinks I would be better off to wait a few years longer and spend my energy on establishing and furthering myself in my career and just having fun and enjoying the freedom with my husband before getting "tied down". My parents were married several years before having children and didn't start until their 30's, so they feel I am rushing things.
Many of my peers have small children and when I speak about children they always tell me to enjoy my life right now and that there is no hurry. I know biologically there is no hurry at my age, but I have baby fever so badly I just can't wait. I find myself checking on the days, counting down until the fall. I have scheduled a lot of activities and goals for this summer to keep me occupied and having fun while waiting.
Our biggest reason for waiting at this point- I am just concerned about combining career and baby and how it is all going to work out. I am relatively new out of school and just starting to establish myself in my field. I know women do it all the time, and though difficult, the rewards are worth it. Having a family has always been a priority of mine, so if work has to take a back seat for awhile- well, I guess that is fine. I have not had a lot of positive input and understanding from people around us (just not understanding our desire, I guess), but I figured many of you may understand.
Thanks for reading my lengthy post!


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I dont think there is ever a right time to tcc hun my family wouldnt agree because

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Hi Ann! Welcome to the board! I'm Victoria, 28 and DH and I are also WTT our first!

I think you should go ahead with TTC when it feels right for you! If you feel like you spent enough time alone with DH and enjoyed life enough, you should go ahead regardless of what your family or friends think! It is your life after all!

Plus children bring so much fun and joy. The younger you have them, the earlier you and DH will be empty nesters as well! :)


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Hi Ann, welcome!

I know what you mean. I came to the board because DH and I got married young, we were 21 and 23, and I already had baby fever back then. But I got a lot of criticism from various people for getting married at that age, and felt like I couldn't dare talk to anyone about baby fever. I'm still only 24, but I'm not getting that "You're MARRIED?!" reaction anymore, thankfully!

So I'm glad you came to the board, because it helped me a lot for a place to talk about baby fever! Feel free to post threads and respond to others with any topic you're thinking about!

I'm Becki, your CL on the board and my hubby and I are waiting until we're both ready, but we're not sure when. It's mostly his emotional readiness and finances. We're trying to build up a meager savings account, and I'm trying to lose weight, but the main issue is he's just not ready yet, even though he wants children and enjoys looking at baby stuff.

See you around the board!


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I am Becca, with DH Shawn (we're both 28) and DD Olivia (18 months)

As far as WTT because of your career - I think that is a smart move! Give yourself sometime to establish yourself as a professional before jumping into the mommy boat :)

If I can be candid, it is HARD to juggle mommyhood and a career. There are days that I am certain I can't do it anymore. But, I keep chugging along :)
I am so thankful that I gave myself time to 'prove' myself at my job before having a child. Since I paid my dues (so to speak) for a couple years before having a baby, I think my workplace was much more understanding about my pumping time-outs and what not.

Welcome and good luck with the wait! :)

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Hi Ann! I am new as of today and your story REALLY stuck out to me.

I will be 27 next month and also have been married 2 years so I totally understand what you are going through. My husband has an amazing job and we are living where we want to live (although Apt living because cost of living is so extremely high in the Bay area)

I have baby fever beyond belief. ANY kid I see around looks adorable, no matter how much they are screaming, crying, or acting out haha. It's sad huh? Haha. Well.. Hubby has said in no uncertain terms that he thinks we should wait until he gets offered more money and we can be living in the place we want, and I do agree. I too also have the parents that say that there is "no hurry" and that we should appreciate the time we have right now with no kids. Well.. I AM almost 27. I have told my husband (and family) I do not want to wait and be 30 to have our first. We want 2 and I would like to start in the next couple years at least. His mother had him in mid-30's then just never got around to giving him a sibling, and I don't want that to happen.

I also want to work on my career before doing it as well. I am working 2 part time jobs in the field I want to be in so I can get experience that I hope will lead to a full time career job in it. I totally get "wanting it all!!"


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