HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu, 07-22-2004 - 6:52pm

My DH and I were talking and we decided to move up the date!!!!!!

Its kinda wierd...Last night I had this really overpowering desire to have a baby. I was almost crying I wanted one so much....then this morning my DH and I both woke up around 2/3 am.....

Later this morning we found out that an older friend of ours had passed away late last night...He was 81, but my DH was very close to him....

One of the last things this friend said to my DH was about us having a baby.....(I didnt know about this until today)

I swear I am not that supersticious....it was just wierd!!!!

SO....I was talking to my DH and we decided that you never know whats going to happen tomorrow, and why put off things in life if you really feel ready and want them!!!


We moved the TTC date to THIS OCTOBER!!!!!!!


Thats a year and 2 months early!!!!

Yikes!! Horray!! I dont know which to feel more!!!

I am not telling my family until I am pg.....I dont want them asking "so are you?" every few seconds....plus, I feel like telling people we are trying to concieve is like saying...hey guess what we are having sex more often and without birth control! LOL




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Thu, 07-22-2004 - 7:29pm
OH MY GOD :):):):)

What GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!! WOW!! So now we are going to be roughly the same time!!!

That is so fantastic!!!! That is just freaky how it all came about.

I am so excited for you! What good news.

I forgot to message you yesterday about the Doctors.

Well I have to have a blood test for Rubella and Heb B. I also have to have a pap smear and start taking Folic acid and Vitamin B. I also need to get my weight back into its ideal weight for the best chance to conceive. And that was it :) This is all Australian based remember but I am sure it is the same there! Not much to do hay!!

I am so excited for you, for US!!

Chris has started to get really really clucky. I seem to be over talking about it just because I have ran out of things to say and I talk myself stupid so I am just getting quieter. But he doesnt dig that! He wants to talk, he is running around the house saying that there will be a Little Fowler there for him to mold into his evil ways!! He is talking about bathing him, and feeding him during the night with Expressed breat milk! Funny stuff.

How much FUN is all of this! :)

YAY for Us! Hurray Hurray Hurray!

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Thu, 07-22-2004 - 8:13pm
AWWWWW Chris sounds great!

So we have to be at our ideal weight to have a better chance to conceive......hmm


guess I better lose 20 pounds! LOLOL

Well I have two and a half months to do it. LOL

I am a little nervous...but so much more excited than nervous!!!!

Hey I am 26....not getting any younger! LOL

Are you going to find out when you are ovulating and stuff like that?

There are so many things to do!! LOL

Horray for us!!!!



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Thu, 07-22-2004 - 11:52pm
Hey Michelle!!

Chris is great. He is one of those guys that gets more and more excited in his own head as he thinks about it more. I know what a baby means to me because of how I was bought up but he comes from a split family so it is a little different for him.

Yep, Ideal weight is the best!! I was happy to hear that anyway because I have put on way too much and want to get it off. The doctor reccommended weight watchers which I was very pleased with because I have done that before to get to my Ideal weight. So I signed up again yesterday at lunch time!! I will get there no worries. I have 17.5kgs to loose!! That is 38 pounds!! :)

I am exactly the same as you! I am really excited, I am buzzing with excitment. I am nervous too but that is good!! Butterflies are good.

I have stopped talking about babies every second, simply because my body is playing tricks on me I think! I feel pregnant. I am dizzy, I come so close to throwing up all the time, I feel SOOO tired and I have a niggling little headache. I have had that for about 5 days now. I cant be pregnant! Chris and I have just been using just condoms since Feburary this year but he is so safe and careful with them. I had the implanon rod in my arm for 2 years and I had that removed in Feburary so I could have some regular periods!

Well my periods are due soon I think so I guess that will stop my body being an idiot! It is amazing how you can actually sike yourself into something!

Hmm... I dont know about the ovulating stuff! I hope to not have to worry. I will just have sex everyday! :) LOL.

Why are the days going so slow! Bring it on :) heheheh


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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 1:20am
Wow..you feel pregnant.....maybe you are just preparing yourself for whats to come!

I am doing the South Beach Diet.

I really have to start going to the gym....I took a walk today...but I was so distracted about having a baby that I twisted my ankle in a crack on the sidewalk and fell! LOLOL

I'm like, oh thats good, fall, wonderful safety for a soon to be (hopefully) pregnant lady.........Jeesh!!

Luckily no one saw me .....hehehe



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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 2:40am
The south beach diet hay? What does that make ya do?

You poor thing!!! Twisted ankle. I can just imagine you cursing yourself too! LOL

You tried to go for a walk. That is all that matters! :) hehehehe. Ah fun.

Yeah my body is freaking out on me.... I dont know what is going on. Ah well. I did have to get a cab to the city so that is always a very sickly ride! Maybe I am just getting the flu? Whose to know!

Chris is taking me out for dinner tonight.... Very excited about that! 6pm is the dinner time, I can not wait. Better be something healthy on the menu!! It is 4:40pm here so the working day is almost over thank god.

I am tried! Ready for rest!

It is a suprise to see so many replies from you in the same day considering our different time zones!


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Fri, 07-23-2004 - 9:28am
They have a South Beach Diet board here....(i'm sure they have a wieght watchers board too if thats somthing your into)

South Beach is all about eating good carbs (no white flour, nowhite sugar ) and lean protein and tons of vegietables. They suggest small portions every few hours.

In the beginnin there is a two week "cleaning" where you dont eat any bread or pasta or fruit (sugar)....after the two weeks you slowly introduce this stuff back ...but only the healthiest kinds...

Its cool so far. I have lost about 9 pounds. But I have to do it more seriously.

Yeah I am posting a lot.....I dont want to tell my family about this, not yet..so I just have this big secret and its driving me nuts!!! LOL

My sister and two of my friends have had miscarriages early in their pregnancies...I was told that haveing a miscarraige early on is very common....and it happens all the time....we just know so much earlier these days when someones pregnant...people used to have misscarriages all the time and never even knew they were pregnant yet.

So I dont even want to bring it up to my family until like 2 - 3 months into...just to make sure...God forbid anything bad happen, I wouldnt then want to have to share the "bad" news with everyone...yikes!

But then I know a lot of people who didnt have miscarriages.....or at least they never spoke of one...

sorry...lol....dark topic!! I just want to be prepared mentally for every posibility.


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Sat, 07-24-2004 - 5:19am
Hey Michelle,

I actually saw a book for the South Beach diet in the shop today! Funny stuff.

It sounds like a great idea. I try to limit all of those things myself. Not that good for us anyway.

You have done really well! :) Good on you! I am sure that the thought if giving your baby the best start would be enough to have you soldier on for a few more months!!

The big M word hay. I have a few friends that have all suffered from them. To tell you the truth it scares the hell out of me! I really hope I dont have to go through that. But then again they are so common now. It is amazing. So I suppose we are slightly prepared for the worst! I am the same as you about not telling people but I am just not telling many that I work with. I will wait until about 3 months before I let everyone know. I would hate to have a MC and then have to explain it to over 100 people. My parents know when we will be trying and they are really excited!! They havent bought anything yet but they are definatly window shopping for furniture!! Fun hay :) I can not stop surfing the net and checking it all out! Cant wait to bring out the credit card and start shopping!!

Well it is Saturday evening here now for me. I am so tired yet I havent done anything! Just some grocery shopping! I had big plans to get so much painting of the house done today and yet I didnt manage to do any of it. Slack. So tomorrow will be a very productive day I hope. I am going to go do some cleaning now though since the house is at a sort of stand still! I have 2 dogs that are only 1 yr old so it is a bit of a mad house! When they are sleeping I can then clean up! A lot like Kids I would imagine.

I really love reading what other Mums do with there time.

Do you plan to go back to work at any stage after your baby? Do you plan to have another soon after?

I am going to go back to work at about 3 months old I think. But I can change all that at the time if needs be. I just think I would go a little nuts at home! I want to show my bubbie off!!! :)

We are going to have another one not long after, I dont want a big age gap in my kids! So it is going to be a busy time for me!! lol

Thank you for the Ovulation chart!!! How scary is that? Wow! Bring it on I say!!!