Hump Days Random Thoughts!

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Hump Days Random Thoughts!
Wed, 09-30-2009 - 10:03am
1. Very excited that my cousin who graduated for the Coast Guard is on his way to VA for school and wants to have lunch on his way up!!!
2. Thinks we picked out a name for a boy!!
3. Is off a half a day as well is DH so excited we get to spend some time together!
4. Is getting kinda bored on FB
5. Is having a decent morning
6. Decent mornings ALWAYS turn into Hectic/H#LL Afternoons!
7. Cant wait to go to Tybee Island with mom and a few friends this weekend.
8. Sad to be leaving hubby and son but its our last trip apart!
9. Running out of thoughts.....
10. OH! Everyone loves our decorated house so far!! YAYAY!
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Wed, 09-30-2009 - 6:12pm

Let's see...

1. I ate a lot today. I brought a package of crackers and ended up eating all of them because they were there. Oops.

2. DH is in a terrible mood today, and nothing I say helps. He's not mad at me, but he's mad at work and his computer is having problems, so I feel bad.

3. I just made tea.

4. We're celebrating my mom's birthday on Friday, it will be nice.

5. I need to send my resume out tonight.

6. I need to email the instructor of the pottery class I took, because she never called me to pick up my pottery.

7. I am going to the dentist tomorrow, and worried about how much it will cost.

8. A week and a half until our mini-vacation! Worried about money, but the weekend getaway is long overdue.

9. Paul wants to watch Star Trek now, so I hope that cheers him up.

10. Wondering what I should eat for dinner that's 200 calories.

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Thu, 10-01-2009 - 2:24pm

1. I have had a very productive morning and finally feel caught up with the house after having food poisoning all last week... thank goodness i'm caught up, I was stressing out badly.

2. My 15 month old DD hit her head twice today already and has bruises on her face, she is so fiesty I am hopeful that it doesn't last through the teen years.

3. I can't believe my DD is 15 months, i'm seriously having baby withdrawls!!

4. Why can't my DH just be on the same baby page as me so we can be TTC now? My hormones are going nuts with baby fever!

5. My DD continues to try to get into the fridge and take things out as many times as I tell her not to and send her to time out... I need to baby proof better PRONTO.

6. I have been thinking about how I will arrange the house and playrooms for baby number three and picturing myself with all 3 kids... I can't tell my husband how much I have been thinking about it because he would think i'm crazy. Lol. I'm not I swear!

7. On the bright side it's October and my 5 yo DS and I decorated for fall and Halloween today! It was so much fun and he was more excited than ever about it!

8. I need to buy a lot more fall decorations to fill our new house! Our old house was 1/2 the size of this one so my old decorations are just not cutting it!

9. I would be shopping now if we had the money, drag....

I love this thread!!! We should definitely keep this up!

Meagan from Texas