I should introduce myself

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I should introduce myself
Tue, 11-11-2008 - 7:53pm

I should introduce myself after making my first post, and being rather opinionated.

I recognize a bunch of ladies from my PG and NQE... anyhow I have been quietly lurking over here for about a month now, as I have baby fever something terrible and needed some support. It seems that DF's family is having a baby boom (2 more babies due in the next week)... and my friend has the most perfect little newborn right now.

I am Kate, my DF is Damion and my DS is Ray, we make our home in MA and I work as a sales engineer in CT. DF and I are planning a May 2010 wedding, and are planning on TTCing very shortly there after.

DF is a little nervous about TTC, but not to money reasons or such... he's worried about "performance anxiety" in the bedroom if he knows "now is a good time to conceive". We've discussed getting my IUD about a month after the wedding and then taking it from there. He told me to feel free to chart and test away while we TTC, but not to let him know. I charted w/ DS and he took 6 months to conceive. I hope it takes less time, this time around.

So that's my story.... looking forward to getting to know you all better.



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Tue, 11-11-2008 - 7:59pm

Hi Kate, I'm Jenn, 22, married to Freddy, 24. We have a 7 month old daughter named Madison Belle.

Thanks for the advice in my other post. I have a doctor friend and I am going to talk to her about things as well. I read up on both of the IUDs and they sounded perfectly legit, plus I know tons of girls on the boards who have them. Maybe I'll see a different doctor in the practice next time.

Welcome aboard, we'll be here the same amount of time as we not TTC until late 2010 or early 2011. I want Madison to be a little older and us to be a little more financially set. Plus I want to enjoy my time with Madison while I can.

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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 7:24am
*wave* Hi Kate, glad to see you here.


Thank you for the sig Mary

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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 8:43am

Hi Kate, I am Talor (22) married to DH Justin (24) for 3mts now.


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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 12:59pm
Welcome here Kate!
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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 3:13pm

Hi Kate, welcome to the board!!

It's wonderful to have you here, I love your siggy BTW :)

I'm Adrienne, filling in for the CL here while she's on vaca, I CL Pg & Depression.

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Thu, 11-13-2008 - 12:41pm
Hi Kate! Good to see you over on this board!! Hope the wedding plans are coming along :D

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Sun, 11-16-2008 - 1:54am
Hi Kate.