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Newbie Intro WTT #1
Mon, 05-03-2004 - 8:09pm
Hi, I'm Jen, 26, soon to be 27, w/ DH, 29, soon to be 30! Married 6/19/99, 5 year anniversary soon :) We've been together almost 7 years total. I have had a lot of things to deal with at an early age. Some health diagnoses. Name it, I've had it. So, haven't been able to work like I should. Been relying on DH income. Which isn't bad. We're very blessed to only have a small car payment as debt, and speaking of car, we were in car collison nearly a year ago, and dealing with our lawyer now, to get settlement. That will definetly help. I was injured in collision. A teen gal ran a red light going 70 mph, in a SUV. We were in a regular car. We lost our car, and I herniated several discs in my back. Thank God, DH had nothing wrong with him. So, this kinda put our lives on hold for a while.

And since we've been put on hold, It's time for us to get out and enjoy ourselves. We haven't vacationed since our honeymoon (I know what you're thinking, lol) So that's a must. I'll be studying to become an Estetician (skin care/makeup artist) soon. I did teach dance and coach/choreograph routines for cheerleading for a couple years, but I'm afraid my back problems aren't going to allow me to do that for a while. But, I'll always have the experience, and be able to take a job doing that in the future.

I hear, "you'll never have all the money you need for a child". Well that's true. Unless you're a millionare of course. I'm not going to have our child's first 5 years saved up before we start trying. lol :) We might not have any saved up, but at least we'll have the extra money needed for that extra person living with us. We have enough for the two of us now, to live mostly comfortably. And I don't want our child to do without, or us go without so our child can have.

I get the baby bug often, and then I reflect. For myself and DH, I could never live knowing I wasn't able to provide essentials to my child while he/she was growing up. I, growing up, always had food, diapers, clothes, toys, a bed, a roof over me. Same with DH.

I hear a lot of this on the Deciding to Try boards.... Hubby won't make up his mind. I think as women, we are born childbearers. Children are a bit of a scary thing to hubby's, I'm finding out. I've had to talk with mine a lot to calm his concerns. At the same time, making sure that he does want children. So, about every month, I bring it up, selfish, yes, but to reassure me, he still wants them, so it will happen.

My best advice to you gals wtt, acess your situation. Career, Money, Personal time with DH, have you done things in life that would be a little harder with a tiny baby, do you really enjoy sleeping in on the weekends?, can you end the day knowing not all the chores got done, and do you have someone close emotionally and physical location you trust totally that could take care of your child so you could have a night out or in case of emergency? Just a couple things I considered when I got/get baby fever. (If any of this was offensive, I meant no harm at all, please forgive)

My thoughts are with you all as you are in this time of WTT,

Jen, 26, & DH, 29, WTT #1

5 years married 6/19/99

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Tue, 05-04-2004 - 1:50am
Oh silly me. I didn't even catch this post down here right away.

Again, welcome. :)

DH and I seem much like you. We have two cars, but DH's was a gift from his sister. I bought my car before we were married. We've been having financial problems, which are finally coming to an end as DH has recently become employed. We're both college students - I'm going to end up a career student (;)) and he's just kind of going to reinforce what he already knows.

I love my sleep on the weekends (heck, I love my sleep everyday!). It'll be sad when I have to give that up. :) But, I know when I'm ready, it'll be worth it.

Good luck with your future career plans. That's really too bad about the accident. I hope your settlement is good!



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