pills, pregnancy, periods?

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pills, pregnancy, periods?
Mon, 08-25-2008 - 11:00pm

So my DD just turned one in June. I was breastfeeding and taking a low-dose pill up until about a week when she stopped.
So I was off the pill for about two weeks and not breastfeeding....waiting for period to start before starting a regular, pill pack. Well I decided to go ahead and start it. About two weeks+ in (July 20th), I had a heavy bleeding...thought, first period in about two years...it might do that. Finished off those pills. About the time I should have started my period, I had some spotting.

Well, my Dr had given me two months of pills...couldn't find that second pack. Then tried to call in to get her to just call in the prescription for them, she wasn't in that day...yada yada...totally forgot to get them.

Had sex with husband.

Still haven't started my period. (August 25th) I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and it was negative. I THINK my period was supposed to start last month (when it started early) on July 28th. So what date do I go by?

So about July 4th-ish, started pill pack (no prior period after stopping breastfeeding in about 2 years)
July 20th, had heavy bleeding for about a week
about...July 28th-ish, had some breakthrough bleeding * this is when I think I was supposed to start, had I not had the bleeding July 20th.
August 25th -- negative pregnancy test, no signs of period??

Would you be counting from the July 20th date as your period...or the July 28th date?

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Tue, 08-26-2008 - 9:27am
I'm not really sure. If the tests were negative and you are still unsure, ask dr. for a blood test. If that is negative too I would just sum it up as your period not regulated yet.