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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 12:22pm
You may have noticed the new "polls" feature in use on other boards or as an option on our board. It's very simple and fun to use! I've posted a sample poll in the General Discussions folder for two reasons: I feel like more of you will see it here, and the *$(#*$ board won't let me post in the other folder! GRRR. LOL. Feel free to come up with and post any (rule following) polls you'd like as you become familiar with this new feature. Just click on the "create poll" link and it's self explanatory. Enjoy!

Oh, for the purpose of the board, don't feel like you HAVE to post polls under the "Games and Polls" section. If it's more personal or you want to post under "general" for any reason, that's just fine!