Stumbled upon this's ME!

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Stumbled upon this's ME!
Mon, 02-02-2004 - 1:47am
Hi! My DH and I have been married 8 3/4 years and we have been blessed with three amazing far! We have always said we wanted a big family, especially since our families were (are) never "there" for us. "OUR" family now (and as it, God-willing, grows in the future) is the start of a separate loving legacy! :o) That probably sounds a bit mushy gushy, but it's true!

To get to the point, I am honestly a bit panic-stricken as of late. My baby turns one just a week from now. I am having a blast watching her hit her milestones and am excited for her. She is a beautiful little girl (mama's little sweetheart) and I am happy to let her stay our baby for awhile yet. On the other side of things though, I am getting slammed with emotion this time because our third baby was our infertility baby. It took 25-months and many heart-bleeding prayers to get her here (Gonal-F/HCG/IUI/surgery for DH/progesterone/parlodel, etc., etc., etc.). It was surprising, too, as we conceived our precious sons very easily and didn't know as much about our fertility then...'sigh' Part of our problem the third time was incompetent docs, too. Once I got a really good RE, I was pregnant twice (early M/C the first time) in three months. DH and I are trying extremely hard to get through school right now....on our own (no extended family support at all)! Soon after finally conceiving our DD, my DH's company (he was in wireless mgt.) went bankrupt and our world turned upside-down. He is now totally changing careers (while working two jobs). He's very excitedly going into radiology (he'll start as a radiographer and work his way up...probably into nuc. med.). I am a SAHM who is still trying to just finish up my A.S. from years ago (occupational therpay focus...I also have a certificate in equine mgt. and hope to do equine therapy eventually). I am just five courses away now and will graduate next year. I will then be taking a break and just be mommy (and hopefully conceive #4) for awhile. My DH will graduate the following year and be able to finish school while on the job. that I've blabbed and this is probably just a blur of words (blush)... That's us!

Originally, we said that we would begin ttc#4 when our third was 6-mo. old. I honestly prefer my children to be 'at least' two years apart. ...But with possible infertility troubles again???? ("O" probs. with me and mild male factor on and off with my DH)...OH NO!!! ...Then the job loss and devastation occurred (and we have had to downsize our home for now).... We have to be wise here. We also cannot wait too long, however, as my fertility will just diminish with age. I turn 29 this month. As of now, we're thinking about ttc in a year. I really hope to be pregnant by 8/2005 at the latest ("Please God?!"). That would be perfect timing since my DH will graduate in 5/06. However, "perfect" timing doesn't always happen. I could really use some friends in the same boat to hang out with. I am really starting to get the preggo ache but I don't truly want to be pg again yet. It would be too soon. Of course, if it happened, what a blessing it would be. In reality, though, we need to wait awhile. Help! LOL!

Your WTT friend,

Melissa, blessed mommy to three little loves:

Austin Colter - 6/96

Spencer Curry - 9/98

Kiley Julianna Grace - 2/03 (and still breastfeeding, so no pill...)

P.S. - We were homeschooling, too. ...For almost two years... However, Austin is "gifted" and has very high cognitive needs. With Daddy working two jobs and both of us in no family a new baby this past was very overwhelming. I didn't want Austin cheated. I may go back to homeschooling him next year. We'll see?! For now, he is in a gifted classroom at school and doing well. Spencer's in a very laid-back preK program that is out of session until March. I am kind of homeschooling him now....more like unschooling at present. I may go ahead and get a kindergarten curriculum now and start up...anyway...that's a whole other topic! ;o) I just noticed that others here homeschool, too. It's a wonderful option! If everything were going a bit more smoothly and life wasn't quite so chaotic for my DH and myself right now, all of our children would be homeschooled all the way through!...'Sigh'...So that's one more thing in my heart and on my mind these days...

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Mon, 02-02-2004 - 9:16am
My goodness!


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Tue, 02-03-2004 - 12:42am
Good luck with your wait!


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Tue, 02-03-2004 - 12:47am
Hi Melissa

Welcome to the board. You have such a beautiful family!!! I had to check out your website (I'm a nosy thing... :))

Sounds like we're close to the same age in relation to marriage/children. I'm 21, been married for almost 2 years (May) and plan to start a family soon. I'm currently a college student, planning on becoming a child counselor. DH is a computer geek. LOL J/k. He's in school also going for his networking degree. He should be done soon.

I hope to TTC soon, but only time will tell what's in store for us.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


PS My family was homeschooled also (us children). I think it's grea thow popular it's becoming now. Although I don't think I will homeschool my children (I plan on working part time), I know I won't put them in public school.