Off topic vent! (in-laws)

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Off topic vent! (in-laws)
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 11:54am
I hope you all don't mind... but sometimes it is just nice to vent to nice people! So here goes! We went to bed last night at 11pm. DH had to get up really early today so we wanted some good sleep. The phone rang at 1am! It was 19 year old BIL. He as all upset thinking back 2 freaking years ago to when DH and I were about to get married! He thought that DH had a bachelor party and didn't invite him. Which is not true. In fact BIL was the one who pretty much organized the party! About 6 friends just went and played Laser Tag all night so it wasn't like a traditional party, but that's what they like to do. But BIL was all mad thinking that he had been left out. At 1am! How rude is that?! And how dumb is he that he didn't remember that!? He reminds me of MIL so much it's scary. I can't count how many times she called us either in the middle of the night or the next morning saying, "I was lying awake all night thinking of something that made me mad..." And I really wish that DH would stand up to his Brother a little more. He lets him walk all over him sometimes just like he used to let MIL.

Sigh. Ok I feel better! Thanks for listening!


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Fri, 05-30-2003 - 1:38pm
That is totally rude, I would be mad if someone called me in the middle of the night and it wasn't an emergency or something similar. I'm sorry that both your BIL and MIL are like that, but that your DH doesn't speak up and tell them to knock it off.

I just have a DH that gets really angry at his family, but then I have to remember that I can't say anything negative about them myself or he gets upset with me!

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