Valentine's Day traditions?

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Valentine's Day traditions?
Thu, 02-12-2004 - 10:56am

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day at your house?


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Sat, 02-14-2004 - 2:27am
Can I just say, right now, that I absolutely HATE Valentine's Day?? This is going to be long, so beware. Don't worry though, it's PG! :)

ERGH! It is the worst holiday and brings the worst luck. LOL. See, when DH and I first got together (young teenagers), it was alright. Flowers, kisses, that was about it.

Our Vday before we moved in together, we got into a huge fight and almost broke up. It was also the day I got keyless entry installed in my car that totally screwed up my electrical system.

The first year we lived together, it was great. He totally surprised and set up this beautiful display. Our office was decorated, he had my new keyless keyboard/mouse set up on my computer I didn't even know he'd bought for me, and very nice Victoria's Secret undergarments set up through a trail of paper rose pettles, then had flowers delivered to me (he'd learned :)). I surprised him with a homeade card and a gift bag.

Well, last year, we set up a very nice dinner, a jacuzzi suite and some other stuff for the day before Vday as he was still working his weird job and had to work Vday night. Day before, my brother was sent home from his military training unexpectedly annoucing he was being deployed. My brother is also my best friend's boyfriend. So, we called everything off and just had a get together.

This year.... I said I didn't want to do anything special. I was sick of the bad luck that February reigns upon my family. So, on Vday we're planning on heading downtown (means: head to our bar soaked downtown area and drink) for "Lovefest" ala his friends.

But yesterday morning my DH woke me up to a gift basket of chocolates he'd put together himself, including a gift certificate to VS (he doesn't buy me stuff from there as a sexual thing, just knows I LOVE their underwear) and long stemmed roses. He also told me he'd planned on renting a jacuzzi suite, then his boss called him (he travels to different sites to work on computers at a bank branch) and wanted him to go out Thursday and maybe Friday night, company paid hotel and his boss said to bring me. So, I was all for it. This is where our ickiness begins (last night).

Well, DH does things by paying upfront, then getting reimbursed. So, it's easiest to use a CC. For our excursion, we were going to book something nice, then charge whatever was about the standard room rate, plus all of *my* food, etc.

I picked out a really nice hotel. It has internet access, a gym, EXTENDED continental breakfast (like it should be so much better than regular... :)), two restaurants, room service, and our suite had a jacuzzi, mini bar, dual head shower, etc. So, I booked the room, printed the reservation and we went on our merry way entirely across our state.

We arrive at our very nice hotel. DH gets out of the car and fumbles for the credit card, to no avail. It's lost. Well, it shouldn't be too bad, I say. We'll check in (when we've gone out for business or pleasure and reserved with a CC, we've never had a problem not having the car phyically there), then search for the card. We got to check in... there is no record of our reservation, even after the chick (I won't dignify her by saying lady, she was so rude to us) went over our printed out confirmation page saying "this is wierd". We can't check in without a CC. Our CC info is on the reservation they lost!! Our CC is somewhere near home!!!

I call my parents house and talk to my little brother and ask him to look up the # to all of the places we'd stopped on the way, to see if the CC was there. My dad calls back and to reconfirm and he calls all of the places. Wishful thinking was that it was lost at the gas station we'd stopped at about a half an hour away. Of course not - dad calls and says it's at the restaurant we'd stopped at before we hit the road. Of course!! So we have like only $100 (shouldn't need more thant that, not with a credit card!!) in cash, no debit card and now no CC. He's like "well they found it, you guys should be okay, right?"

Keep in mind, we are across the state in a large city that has the largest crime rate in our state. I start bawling and tell him the hotel lost our reservation that had all of our info is on it. We only have $100 to get us though our trip, which will get us a room at the Sleep-Eazy (Simpson's episode... imagine if some of the letters were missing...) So, my dad says to go in, ask them if they'll take his CC via the telephone. A different person was working and he was just as rude. Says, no they can't, it's illegal, the CC could be stolen. I doubt his intelligence (okay, ever heard of pay pumps (gas), charging a CC for a no show (hotel), internet shopping, no pin ATM's , not being ID'd when using CC (your signature doesn't mean a whole lot, espeically when not compared to the one on back. It's store security really) etc, etc, etc...

So, we got across the street to another hotel and I walk in with my tear streaked face (DH had tried to convince me to stay in the car after I nearly took the head off of the guy at the hotel) and ask that person if we can have my dad book/pay for room. She's like "Yeah, we can do that. Normally we don't, but we will in this case" after DH explained what had happened. So, my dad booked us a suite, but they didn't have any hot tubs. It was okay though, they still had internet :), but no gym (ergh these pounds don't WALK off! :)).

Today, he had to hit another site. He got to it, spent a million hours fixing something that couldn't be fixed without a different contractor during their job correctly. This is after we'd gotten into an arugment about nothing and driving a million hours. So, he called his boss, said he had an emergency, and we came home.

So, tomorrow, I'm headed out and drinking away Vday. That will be my new tradition. My poor future children................. ;)

Anyhow, DH and I try to celebrate our love all year by doing special things for each other (surprise dinners, spontaneous outings, flowers, etc), not just a Hallmark guilt induced one.