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Warning: Long Into Post
Sun, 05-29-2011 - 10:13pm

Hello everyone, my names Britt, nice to meet you all. I'm 21, and my DF is 24 and we've been together for 5 years in July.
Basically, I'm baby crazy and have been for years. I know I'm young, but I've always felt way older and out of tune than the rest of my peers. I've never been into what normal kids my age do, I'm not a partier or into drugs or drinking even. I'd rather have a good conversation, or read haha. I am however a big nerd and love video games and other generally nerdy stuff.
I've been baby crazy since I was honestly like 5 years old. I remember having baby dolls upon baby dolls and ALWAYS wanting the most realistic ones. Then around age 7 until, oh boy like 11 or 12 I would constantly try to convince my mom to adopt a baby and then give it to me so I could be a mom. I was dead set on that for so long, but that let up, up until I was around 17 or 18. I had a pregnancy "scary" when I was 17, I wasn't pregnant but I was incredibly late and all that jazz, but, instead of being terrorfied (since I was only 17) I found myself hoping I was pregnant, and excited. Then only two years ago we had another "scare"

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Mon, 05-30-2011 - 10:27am

Hi Britt! Welcome to the board. I'm Jenn (32), and DH is Will (31). We're WTT our second until I've gotten back down to pre-pregnancy size (hopefully just another 3-4 months, at my current pace). We have an 18 month old daughter.


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Mon, 05-30-2011 - 10:49am
Hi Britt, welcome to the board! I'm Becki and my DH and I are WTT for our first too. When are you planning on getting married? I got married at 21, and I didn't feel too young at the time (although I'm now 25 and still getting shocked reactions from people when they hear I'm married.)

I hear you on feeling ready for a long time. I had baby fever since before I was married too, and it's been almost 4 years now, but DH isn't ready yet and our jobs aren't paying enough to afford kids very easily. We could scrape by if we needed to.

Sorry to hear about losing your job! I had the same thing happen to me--I lost my job when we were just about to buy our house too! I scrambled to get a job, any job, and ended up with a job in retail and we still managed to buy the house. I hope something comes through for you soon. I have lots of friends out of work, so I know how hard it is.
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Mon, 05-30-2011 - 10:52pm

Thank you for the warm welcome!
The games that I play are xbox 360 games, mostly Call of Duty and Halo 3. I'm not big into computer games, but I'm a huge D&D nerd.
We have no plans of getting married anytime soon, since we're living with my mom and I just wouldn't feel right about getting married and not having out own place. Since I'm going to school full-time I can't get a job because I have frequent health issues and there's no way I could work and go to school, plus my town is incredibly small and jobs are limited anyway.

I'm having a hard time not just saying "eff it" and just having a baby. A lot of people have made it through harder times and made it fine. But I know that's unresponcible and wouldn't be in our best interest. It just sucks, 'specially since DF wants a baby too.

If I could have my perfect world we'd already be married, and I'd still be working at my previous job, we'd have our house and be TTC. There's no way I could have found a job though, and still gotten the house. I was working a WAY above min. wage job, and the only thing I could probably have gotten was min. wage, and that would have bombed our chances for a house.

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Tue, 05-31-2011 - 12:37pm
Welcome to the board, Britt! I hope you can get it all worked out in the next year so you can try sooner. I'm sorry that you lost your job :( I think you are very wise to wait until you are more reading financially for a baby, but it doesn't make the wait any easier.

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Tue, 05-31-2011 - 1:40pm
Hi Britt! Welcome to the board!

I'm Victoria, 29, and DH, 42 and I are WTT our first! I am so sorry to hear about your job loss and health issues. I live with chronic pain and haven't worked for a while. I hope everything works out great for you! Please stick around, you'll find lots of support here!

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Mon, 06-06-2011 - 3:30pm

Hi Britt! :) Nice to meet you! :) I'm E, 29 and I'm marrying S, 38 in September. We'll have been together 3 and a half years by then. S is a HUGE gamer and has turned me into a little bit of one since we started dating. We've had fun playing Halo, Gears of War, Resident Evil, Borderlands and a few others together on XBOX. He plays a million other things too and especially loves Call of Duty.

I'm like you in a couple ways! I'm a homebody, I'd much rather read, watch movies, give myself a mani/pedi, flip through magazines or be crafty than go out drinking. I'm also waiting for a slightly better financial situation before we try for our first together (S has two kids from a previous marriage). I have student loan debt I want to finish paying off, and I also get some financial help from my parents still and I'd like to be 100% independent.


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Thu, 06-09-2011 - 11:14pm
I don't think you're all that young hehe... most people I know are on baby #2 by 21.
DH and I are 23 and 22 years old, we've been married for nearly 4 years... we started trying for our DS when I was 19, he was 17, we still lived with our parents, he was in school, neither one of us had a job... we looked at it as "we have 9 months to get things straight, that's plenty of time!" DS is now 3.5 years old, we also have a DD whom is 15 months... we'll be TTC baby #3 in August!
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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 1:18pm

Welcome to the board. Sorry about all your health issues.

I'm Sandy and I am 35 and my DH is Jason and he is 33 almost 34. We are WTT our second child next summer. We want our son to be 3.5 years old and we are also paying a huge chunk of credit card debt off that we ran up while we are in college that will be pd off in October 2012. We wanted to do that before we have another so I we can afford for me to stay at home as right now I am working and our son has to go to a sitter.

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